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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Another Day with Inglot O2M

Another day with my #Inglot shade 609

I just really love my nail! LOL
I have a very bad habit, bitting my nails! I even can show my nailtoe because mine was soooo ugly LOL.
growing my nail such like these is very awesome for me LOL

Product Review
1. Very light, not as creamy as another nail polish
2. Dry Fast! I always applied it in a very thin layer, and it took less than a minute for my nail to be done
3. Very easy to remove!
4. Healthier than any other nail polish 
(maybe except Tuesday In Love, since is was water permeable)

(-) (-) (-)
Yesss.. compare to another nail polish, I think Inglot is the most expensive one (exclude the highend brand such as YSL, Chanel, dsb)
2. It only last few days without topcoat. 
Maybe 2-3 days and it chirps already
3. Color choice are not that much
Compare to OPI, Inglot didn't have that much color variation
4. It only available in full size
I really love the OPI Mini idea (and another brands' mini collection), because it allows me to have more and more nail polish without worrying it will be dried for not using it too long.

Have you tried Inglot O2M Breathable Enamel?
You can buy it in @KailieShoppe or via Instagram or email them through :

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