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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Love : Sari Ayu E/S Karimunjawa

Me and eyeshadow (and Lipstick) were never match. I prefer using blush-on and eyeliner with no apllying eyeshadow everytime I go out.


simple answer : i just don't know how to apply it well on my face. Yeah, just that!

but sometimes you just have to try! After using a natural color of e/s, I decided to try on some new e/s color, the more colourful one! And my choice goes to Sari AyuTrend Warna 2013 : Eyeshadow Karimunjawa.

Purple, Yellow and Green - somehow its colors combination remind me of peacock

applying eyeshadows is just not that easy for me, hahaha!

this is my best! LOL

love - myriarafiz

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