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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tired and Happy!

Spent this weekend with my boyfie!

we've been hanging around PRJ, since his brother is coming to town, and finally got a chance to eat the-very-yummy-home-made-ice-cream Ragusa!

Its located on PRJ, near Hall D, and its also one of official branch of Ragusa (located in Veteran). 

We tried 2 kind of ice cream :
Cassata Sicillana & Mocca Ice Cream!

Ragusa 001
Cassata Sicillana - It cost IDR 23,000

Ragusa 002
Mocca Ice Cream!
It was so soft!!! And it only cost IDR 12,000!

It tasted wonderfully delicious! The Cassate one even combine with Bread! Yes, a real bread!!!
And I ended up feel sorry for not buying the Nougat one, LOL! 

TO 110312
on me :
 Tee - Souvenir from JJF2012 // Harem, Belt & Inner - Unbranded // Bag - Longchamp *males ganti2 // CottonInk Fuschia Viscose Shawl // Niluh Djelantik Flats in Yellow Croco

ND Flats

well, after a week full with heels, a comfortable flat is such heaven!
so do this Niluh Djelantik flats in Yellow Croco! 
It also was bought in a very bargain price : 50% OFF!!!
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