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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Do We Need a Quick Getaway?

Travelling always been some fun activities for me!
Even planning a Travel Itinerary could boost my mood immediately! 

I always been so happy when I found some travel reviews online! Eventough right now it is easier for us to find any reviews by typing it in a google, but still, 100 reviews are always better than 1 review, right?

After planned a trip to Argentina (you should checked on my previous post about it), right now am trying to plan a trip to Adelaide, Australia! Another wishlist of me, since I graduated from college, is visiting this city for continuing my study to Adelaide University! Too Bad I haven't got any chance for it. So, why don't I just planning a trip to Adelaide?

After searching for so many travel reviews, I found this! Super Excited!

taken from here

taken from here

After seeing some travel guide, I found that here are some stuff that I would have to prepare If I visit this city, for real! 
*Since I am now using Hijab, the outfit I am gonna choose is Hijab-friendly ya..

all images are taken from Asos.com
they are offering free shipping worldwide!

of course, with some Inner Manset, Inner Hijab and Paris Hijab in some must-bring-color, such as Fuschia, Electric Blue, and Cream!
a flat is a must-bring-item for your holiday! 
leave your heels at home! your killer heels is no use for cheap-holiday, darling!

I really hope someday I could visit this lovely and adorable city! 
Yes, not only for holiday but also for studying!

so, do we need a quick getaway from our life?
*finger crossed*
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