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Monday, February 20, 2012

Working Outfit : Casual & Colourful!

TO 5 (FD Contest!)

I wore this outfit to my office!
Eventough it's not Friday, but the spirit of Batik will not just end!
and Please, Pardon my chubby hand :P

on me :
Batik Khasandy - Cropped Blazer //   KailieShoppe Pink Dress // TheExecutive Basic Pants // Unbranded Black Wedges // Hand-Written Batik Scarf


Vogue World said...

Wow, this looks so cute and yet you could wear it in an office! Nice. :o)

Fashion Hot said...

Love this look on you,nice!

Antie shakilla said...

so cute...

Antie shakilla said...

so cute.. ^_^

Antie shakilla said...

so cute ...^_^

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