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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

IFW 2012 : Stronger Indonesia!

IFW 2012 
Say Hi to INDONESIA FASHION WEEK 2012 (IFW 2012)!!!

As I read in IFW 2012 official site (www.indonesiafashionweek.com), IFW is the first national fashion week in Indonesia that would become the center of fashion event in Indonesia. This fashion week event was held to combine all fashion compound in Indonesia so that it will lead us through the global market, which are 3C (Creativity, Collaboration and Commerce).

when we arrived, these interior are one of the most favourite taking-photo-place of the IFW visitor!

This event was held in Jakarta Convention Centre, in 23 - 25 February 2011. Unfortunately, I only able to visit this great event at the last day! Not for watching the fashion show, but visiting the exhibition of Indonesian fashion booth from all over the country!
Booth Martha Tilaar.jpg 
many beautiful Kain Tenun from NTT from Martha Tilaar booth!
Parang Kencana.jpg
Parang Kencana : i'm in love with the batik scarf they wrap in the mannequin's neck!

Jogja Corner.jpg
 Jogja Corner : how can we not love Batik?
when fashion and ethnic become one!

Batik Jessica Valentina.jpg
Batik Jessica Valentina


Many Moslem Designers are taking part in this woonderful fashion event as an exhibitor. Dian Pel
angi, Merry Pramono, Aluyya, Irna LaPerle, Nuniek Mawardi, Ria Miranda, Ida Leman, Jenahara, etc.

What I wear on IFW?

TO 260212 @ IFW
Mimo Cardigan // Batik Khasandy Lurik Pants // Unbranded Strappy Wedges // Longchamp // Tanktop & Shawl : Fuschia Viscose from CottonInk

taken on Hammer Booth!
Many visitor taking pictures in this spot too! I feel like I was somewhere in an Antique House in the village!

For you who haven't got any chance to visit IFW 2012 last week, try to browse the designer's fashion show in YouTube.com, or find the exhibitor in the IFW 2012's official site, maybe you can catch them on their official store.

The exhibition are breath-taking!
They all make me realise that Indonesia have got so many talented people, artistic and wonderful products that was produced by themselves!
There are so many UKM (Usaha Kecil Menengah - Small & Medium Business Unit) in Indonesia, and it could be one of the success indicator of economic in Indonesia.


SEE YOU in 2013, IFW!

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