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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Guest Blog : Fashion Tips and Tricks for Men

as I mentioned in the last post, this guest blog post were written by one of the personal stylist of StylePilot.com. Enjoy!


About Stylepilot

Stylepilot.com is the first personal style engine for men – Style Pilot aims to help men navigate and master men’s fashion. It’s an automated stylist that gives men personalised recommendations based on their physique and preferences. Style Pilot searches through 1000s of online men’s brands and retailers to find the best matches. 


Fashion Tips and Trick for Men

Women are well known for a wide variety of fashion tips and tricks – but what can men do?

Dress to impress

It doesn’t really take all that much effort to dress yourself correctly and look great at all times.  You’re not looking to be dressed to the nines at all times, but merely to carry off a great look befitting your style.  If a vintage under dressed look works for you then I fully endorse you taking advantage of it.  Know what you look great in and take full advantage of it!
Add your own unique twist to outfits to ensure everything you’re wearing and your look always has a personal, individual element to it.  Simple accessories such as hats, scarves or badges are great ways to truly take a look and make it your own.

Know your enemy

It is important, especially for men who will maintain a macho attitude no matter what, that you’re fully aware of how you should be dressing before you go somewhere.  If somewhere demands you wear shoes, don’t even comprehend the thought of going there.  You’ll have to either dress awfully or endure some dreadful events during a night out in a mandatory shoes environment.
On a more positive note, knowing how others are likely to be dressed in certain places allows you to make sure you’re going to roughly fit in while also cleverly ensuring you’re different enough so as to not look like a same as the rest of the crowd fashion victim.

Having a “go-to” garment

Have yourself two or three pieces in your collection that you can rely on whatever the occasion if you’re stuck for something to wear.  Please note these are for emergencies and sporadic use, and are not an excuse to get lazy over your style under any circumstances whatsoever.  As a trouser, dark chino’s are a great default item for 2012, and can be a part of numerous outfits throughout the contrasting styles we’ll see leading trends throughout the year.  For your upper half grab a shirt and jacket in contrasting colours, these will lend themselves to a clear yet subtle image and ensure you always have a few reliable pieces in your wardrobe throughout the year.


Outfit build

Use the facilities offered by outfit builders to perfect your wardrobe and your look.  Outfit builders can offer numerous additional tips and tricks with their teams of fashion experts.  You’ll always look great and be one step ahead of tomorrow’s trends, meaning you’ll look great in the latest styles before anyone else.

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Dear StylePilot.Com Team,
This article is great and very interesting! Men, go check on their website! 
You don't have to waste more time, just a few clicks and a bunch of clothes matched with your StyleDNA suddenly come to your screen! 
Not to forget that they also add the products link, just to make it easier if you wanna buy them all!

Once again, THANKS!!!


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