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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fresh Ourselves by Travelling!

Low-Fare Airlines are one of the hardest thing you can resist in this whole world!

Thanks to God, now it's easier for first-jobbers (or even students) like us to go abroad, since the airlines tickets are way too cheap! (Sometimes, the domestic routes are even more expensive!)
I love travelling! 
I love taking pictures, wherever I Go! And once you've found some special thing from the country you've visited, it will become addicted! 

Yes, you will be craving for another trip! Another Country-Visited! Another Shopping Spree!

Well, eventough I have never been to abroad, I always dreaming about visiting Greek, Italy and France! But after I saw another article in a magazine about Iguazzu National Park in Argentina, I am a amazed!

That's why I was so thrilled when I visited this site,an argentina travel agents which also a world-class travel agent! Zicasso.Com showed me that travelling is not only about shopping, but also relaxing yourself by having a great nature-tour visiting natural beauty such as Falls, Mountain, Beach, and many more!

By looking at they ability as an argentina travel agents, I definitely will visited Iguazu Falls! Am not a fan of hiking, so wasting my time all day long looking at this fall would be worth!

Iguazu Fall! 
even by seeing this picture could make me feel fresh and cold! 
*picture credited to here
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