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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Colourful with Cape!

TO 150212

Finally, an Outfit Post!

Taken in a boutique in ITC Depok, when I was accompanied my mom (Yay! She Visited Jakarta along with my dad!) and my dad! And yes, we bought things! Hahaha!

On Me :
Cape (My Fave Items) - KailieShoppe // Unbranded Inner Hijab, Black Harem Pants & Black Longsleeve Tee // CottonInk's shawl - Lapis Lazuli // Longchamp Bamboo Bag // Crocs - MaryJane

JOTD 150212

Match with the shawl, and I'm in love with the color so damn much!
*FYI, KailieShoppe is my onlineshop! 


be.aquamarine said...

OMG. I totally in love ur cape!!!
dont tell me that was sold out item :(

Myria Rafiz said...

be.aquamarine hai Mba Loren! :) am in love with this item too!
sudah bales sms nya yaaa :)
senangnya bs ktmu lagi! hihihi


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