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Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink yang Super Tahan Lama!

Siapa dari kalian yang sedang mencari merk lipstik yang tahan lama, hayo ngacung!!! Maybelline lagi mengeluarkan shade terbaru nih dari...

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Review : Me & Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter!

I am not a make-up junkie.
I love buying make-up, such as Eye Liner (YES! I am a big fan of Eye Liner) and Nail Polish, especially in Mini Collection! 
But I never been a make-up junkie!

But, yes, I usually end-up buying some pallete that I even rarely used. Implusive, huh?

I also never been a fan of Lipstick. I started to wear Lipstick few months ago, when I started to work. But I stopped, and change into Lip Balm, since my lip usually went dry when I applied Lipstick on the morning. 

When I found Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter, at first I'm not pretty sure about the moisture of the Lip Butter. I mean, I saw too many products that said about the moisture of the Lipstick, but I end-up in dry-lips on the afternoon. 

So I tried it!
At Revlon Launching Party, I got 2 Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butters, which are in Sweet Tart and GumDrop. 

Since the GumDrop is too pale for my dark-lips, I choose the Sweet Tart for the Office Style!
Before and After
The Color actually is Red, but I really love how the color blend on my lips so well.
Left & Right : Before & After!
It really freshen me up! 

 me in Sweet Tart & CottonInk Fuschia Viscose Shawl

Since I am now already in love with Orange Color, so I bought Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in Orange Color, which is Tutti Frutti!

Me & Revlon
Up : Tutti Frutti (015) & Down : GumDrop (060)
See how the GumDrop makes my face looked so pale?

Well, This Lip Butter really moisten-up my lips so well! It color-my-lips-up, without making my lips dry. It keeps the moisture in my lips, and so far I never face exfoliate-lips like what I've through with other Lipstick.

It only cost IDR 70,000,-! 
You can find it in department stores and drugstores in your area!
Go grab them, and get your healthy lips back!

IFW 2012 : Stronger Indonesia!

IFW 2012 
Say Hi to INDONESIA FASHION WEEK 2012 (IFW 2012)!!!

As I read in IFW 2012 official site (www.indonesiafashionweek.com), IFW is the first national fashion week in Indonesia that would become the center of fashion event in Indonesia. This fashion week event was held to combine all fashion compound in Indonesia so that it will lead us through the global market, which are 3C (Creativity, Collaboration and Commerce).

when we arrived, these interior are one of the most favourite taking-photo-place of the IFW visitor!

This event was held in Jakarta Convention Centre, in 23 - 25 February 2011. Unfortunately, I only able to visit this great event at the last day! Not for watching the fashion show, but visiting the exhibition of Indonesian fashion booth from all over the country!
Booth Martha Tilaar.jpg 
many beautiful Kain Tenun from NTT from Martha Tilaar booth!
Parang Kencana.jpg
Parang Kencana : i'm in love with the batik scarf they wrap in the mannequin's neck!

Jogja Corner.jpg
 Jogja Corner : how can we not love Batik?
when fashion and ethnic become one!

Batik Jessica Valentina.jpg
Batik Jessica Valentina


Many Moslem Designers are taking part in this woonderful fashion event as an exhibitor. Dian Pel
angi, Merry Pramono, Aluyya, Irna LaPerle, Nuniek Mawardi, Ria Miranda, Ida Leman, Jenahara, etc.

What I wear on IFW?

TO 260212 @ IFW
Mimo Cardigan // Batik Khasandy Lurik Pants // Unbranded Strappy Wedges // Longchamp // Tanktop & Shawl : Fuschia Viscose from CottonInk

taken on Hammer Booth!
Many visitor taking pictures in this spot too! I feel like I was somewhere in an Antique House in the village!

For you who haven't got any chance to visit IFW 2012 last week, try to browse the designer's fashion show in YouTube.com, or find the exhibitor in the IFW 2012's official site, maybe you can catch them on their official store.

The exhibition are breath-taking!
They all make me realise that Indonesia have got so many talented people, artistic and wonderful products that was produced by themselves!
There are so many UKM (Usaha Kecil Menengah - Small & Medium Business Unit) in Indonesia, and it could be one of the success indicator of economic in Indonesia.


SEE YOU in 2013, IFW!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Working Outfit : Casual & Colourful!

TO 5 (FD Contest!)

I wore this outfit to my office!
Eventough it's not Friday, but the spirit of Batik will not just end!
and Please, Pardon my chubby hand :P

on me :
Batik Khasandy - Cropped Blazer //   KailieShoppe Pink Dress // TheExecutive Basic Pants // Unbranded Black Wedges // Hand-Written Batik Scarf

@ Revlon New ColorBurst Lip Butter Launching

Last Thrusday, me and other Fun and Fearless Fashion & Make-Up bloggers was invited by Revlon IndonesiaThe New ColorBurst Lip Butter Launching with Cosmopolitan Magazine!

The event was held in Pesto Kitchen & Bar at February 16th, 2012. The dresscode is Be Candylicious! 

 lots of cupcakes!

they decorated the place so cute! and so CANDYLICIOUS!
every blogger got 1 photo-coupon and it could be used here!

me and mb Dessy from LivingDaisy!

on me :
CottonInk Rosette Slub Shawl & Rosette OBoxy // Unbranded Inner Hijab in Black // Orange Crop Blazer - Ceil // Grey WLP - Unbranded // Green Chunky Heels from June & Julia

other bloggers! Mba Yuri came little late, and we only got 1 photocoupon each, so she take a picture by herself.

 drooling over this Revlon Make-Up Trunk!

 before the event started, the SA brought us these NEW REVLON ColorBurst Lip Butter, all of them! Yes, in 20 colors!

I tried some, here they are :
I'm wearing Peach Parfait (Left) and SugarPlum (Right)

The event was hosted by Iwet Ramadhan and Ary Kirana!
They started the Launching Event with an introduction by Revlon Team in Indonesia. After that, they played the Behind The Scene of Revlon New ColorBurst Lip Butter in USA (Emma Stone!) and The TVC it self! Right before The TalkShow started! Yes, Nina Nikicio & Dewi Utari!
Also not to forget, Carissa Putri, the Revlon Indonesia ambassador and Revlon Make-UP Artist!

Carissa Putri worn Nikicio MaxiDress!

The Event was super hillarious! It was super fun, and I was also excited because Revlon got us so many things to brought to our house!

GumDrop & SweetTart!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fresh Ourselves by Travelling!

Low-Fare Airlines are one of the hardest thing you can resist in this whole world!

Thanks to God, now it's easier for first-jobbers (or even students) like us to go abroad, since the airlines tickets are way too cheap! (Sometimes, the domestic routes are even more expensive!)
I love travelling! 
I love taking pictures, wherever I Go! And once you've found some special thing from the country you've visited, it will become addicted! 

Yes, you will be craving for another trip! Another Country-Visited! Another Shopping Spree!

Well, eventough I have never been to abroad, I always dreaming about visiting Greek, Italy and France! But after I saw another article in a magazine about Iguazzu National Park in Argentina, I am a amazed!

That's why I was so thrilled when I visited this site,an argentina travel agents which also a world-class travel agent! Zicasso.Com showed me that travelling is not only about shopping, but also relaxing yourself by having a great nature-tour visiting natural beauty such as Falls, Mountain, Beach, and many more!

By looking at they ability as an argentina travel agents, I definitely will visited Iguazu Falls! Am not a fan of hiking, so wasting my time all day long looking at this fall would be worth!

Iguazu Fall! 
even by seeing this picture could make me feel fresh and cold! 
*picture credited to here

Colourful with Cape!

TO 150212

Finally, an Outfit Post!

Taken in a boutique in ITC Depok, when I was accompanied my mom (Yay! She Visited Jakarta along with my dad!) and my dad! And yes, we bought things! Hahaha!

On Me :
Cape (My Fave Items) - KailieShoppe // Unbranded Inner Hijab, Black Harem Pants & Black Longsleeve Tee // CottonInk's shawl - Lapis Lazuli // Longchamp Bamboo Bag // Crocs - MaryJane

JOTD 150212

Match with the shawl, and I'm in love with the color so damn much!
*FYI, KailieShoppe is my onlineshop! 

Guest Blog : Fashion Tips and Tricks for Men

as I mentioned in the last post, this guest blog post were written by one of the personal stylist of StylePilot.com. Enjoy!


About Stylepilot

Stylepilot.com is the first personal style engine for men – Style Pilot aims to help men navigate and master men’s fashion. It’s an automated stylist that gives men personalised recommendations based on their physique and preferences. Style Pilot searches through 1000s of online men’s brands and retailers to find the best matches. 


Fashion Tips and Trick for Men

Women are well known for a wide variety of fashion tips and tricks – but what can men do?

Dress to impress

It doesn’t really take all that much effort to dress yourself correctly and look great at all times.  You’re not looking to be dressed to the nines at all times, but merely to carry off a great look befitting your style.  If a vintage under dressed look works for you then I fully endorse you taking advantage of it.  Know what you look great in and take full advantage of it!
Add your own unique twist to outfits to ensure everything you’re wearing and your look always has a personal, individual element to it.  Simple accessories such as hats, scarves or badges are great ways to truly take a look and make it your own.

Know your enemy

It is important, especially for men who will maintain a macho attitude no matter what, that you’re fully aware of how you should be dressing before you go somewhere.  If somewhere demands you wear shoes, don’t even comprehend the thought of going there.  You’ll have to either dress awfully or endure some dreadful events during a night out in a mandatory shoes environment.
On a more positive note, knowing how others are likely to be dressed in certain places allows you to make sure you’re going to roughly fit in while also cleverly ensuring you’re different enough so as to not look like a same as the rest of the crowd fashion victim.

Having a “go-to” garment

Have yourself two or three pieces in your collection that you can rely on whatever the occasion if you’re stuck for something to wear.  Please note these are for emergencies and sporadic use, and are not an excuse to get lazy over your style under any circumstances whatsoever.  As a trouser, dark chino’s are a great default item for 2012, and can be a part of numerous outfits throughout the contrasting styles we’ll see leading trends throughout the year.  For your upper half grab a shirt and jacket in contrasting colours, these will lend themselves to a clear yet subtle image and ensure you always have a few reliable pieces in your wardrobe throughout the year.


Outfit build

Use the facilities offered by outfit builders to perfect your wardrobe and your look.  Outfit builders can offer numerous additional tips and tricks with their teams of fashion experts.  You’ll always look great and be one step ahead of tomorrow’s trends, meaning you’ll look great in the latest styles before anyone else.

All Picture was Credited to :


Dear StylePilot.Com Team,
This article is great and very interesting! Men, go check on their website! 
You don't have to waste more time, just a few clicks and a bunch of clothes matched with your StyleDNA suddenly come to your screen! 
Not to forget that they also add the products link, just to make it easier if you wanna buy them all!

Once again, THANKS!!!


Few weeks ago, I received an email from Robert Reeve from StylePilot.com about receiving (the first) guest blog post from one of their personal stylist team. As I visited their website, I was so excited and so honoured that they personally ask me (and am nothing in this blogger world) to have them as a guest blogger on my blog.

Basically, their website is the first personal engine for men! Its so easy, and very helpful for you, men, since most of you usually have a similar problem about picking the best items which wll suit you most, not only your taste but also suit your skin color and your body type. 

All you have to do is just set your style DNA, register yourself on StylePilot.com and VOILLA! Hundreds of fashion items macthes with your Style DNA suddenly appeared, along with the brand, price and the link to the online store!

Go check on their site! Sometimes, the products they've recommended with your style DNA also comes in a bargain price!

Visit Them on :

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Giveaway : Hanna's Blog!

 not from me, but from Hanna!

Since its been a year she blog about beauty and skincare, she is holding a giveaway and will share these stuff for 4 winners!

What should we do and what would we get if we win the giveaway?

*Dear Hanna...
I am craving for the Sephora 4 shadows and liner palette!!!
please do let me win! #fingercrossed

JOTD : CottonInk Shawl as a Hoodie HeadScarf

Lapiz Lazula fr CI

I can wear my CottonInk's shawl again!
I ordered some inner-headscarf and wore it all the time! Just wrap it up on your head, as a hoodie and wrap the frontside around your neck!

... VOILLA! I'm ready to go to work!

On Me :
CottonInk Shawl in Lapiz Lazuli // Grey InnerScarf // Asos Snake-Printed Boyfriend Blazer
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