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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Style Inspirations : Adelle

I don't have to mention about her beautiful voice. Everyone already knows that! 
Should I mention about her being nominated in Grammy Awards AND WIN??? 
and all the award winning she already got? 
No! :) We already know that!

I'm gonna share you her fabulous sense of style!
eventough she really loves black too much (it is obviously seen on her colour preferences in her outfit), she still looks stunning and fresh! 

 she knows how to mix black outfit well, ansdthis colourful top really fits her well!
and those shimmering V-Neck Dress are just too gorgeous!

belt-them-up! and choose extremely-cute coat as an extra! wohooooooo!

she knows how to pick a dress that fits her well : no less, no more!

 shocking-green-satin-coat! and wearing satin over satin isn't crime at all!

skinny pants over a loose top! and 
hey - sometimes wearing abstract or even stripe top could make you still look flattering!

last but not least, my favourite among all!

this just perfect!
those black tights, empire-line black dress and those fuschia-mixed-black outer!
she is just too lovely and adorable!

what can I say?
she is curvy and stylish - period.

all pictures of adele are credited to zimbio.com
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