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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

MommiesDaily : Moove It Again!

I've been a member in this forum for years! and i always admired everything that they have done to this society!

Yes, The Daily Media in MommiesDaily are now started to do what they have done in the past!  Yes, MommiesDaily Moove It are officially on! 

What is Moove It actually?
Moove It is an activity founded by Mommies Daily, to collect boxes of milk and distributed them to 'anak jalanan' (errr, too bad I can't found the english word for them - street children?).  

Why Milk in Boxes?
Because its the simplest and most practical product for Mommies Daily : it have a longer expired date, and it could give them all the nutrient indeed. It also practical because Mommies Daily team only have to put them in their car, and give it to them anytime! 

Join them, by dropping some boxes of milk (UHT) in their office. You can also participate by donate in cash! 

For further information, visit their page on MommiesDaily.com/mooveit right away!

*don't worry! You don't have to be mommy to participate!

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