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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Brightspot Market : Were You There?

the most-wanted high-end market in Jakarta are now back!
Brightspot Market were held from 24 - 27 November 2011 in Plasa Senayan! Much more bigger places, with much more tenants!

I came twice! at the Opening event (Thanks God I have a wonderful friend named Luci who want to lend me her BNI credit card) and the last day! 

Were you there? 

It was surprisingly a good deal for you, fashion lover! Not only new arrival items from the most gorgeous local tenants (some of them offer a discounted price) but also sale for the last season items!

Kleting's last season items were also sale upto 80% off! I fell into their satin floral dress in mustard, but I already bought too much! Also not to forget that Nikicio offer us a very good deal, from 70% off of Femme Collection to boxes of 50rb and 100rb, filled with NN:02, Femme and also Nikicio for Centro items! 

I bought longsleeve tee in navy and BW stripes from Kidnapped Ally, Atlas Multiways Cardigan from CottonInk (Yes, my favourite brand ever!), and Dariah MultiWays Basic Shirt from Milcah!
it was a very good bargain! I got 10% off for the Milcah Shirt and 20% off for the Atlas Cardigan (BNI at opening days)!

... and I am not eyeing for these stuff :

Jumpsuit from Milcah

this White tie shirt is shorter on the back side! edgy! - from IKYK

two tone blazer from Retail Therapy

... and a Super-High-Wedges in Tan color from Its Naima!


TigerLily said...

Aaaahh aku nggak kesiniiii, nyeseelll :(


Myria Rafiz said...

@ Yuri :
tooo bad!
they were selling many gorgeous things!
tapi gaapaaapaa, kan masi ada Level One dan Goods! hhihihi :*

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