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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Less than a Week!

I can’t believe that we’ve almost through 1 holy month of Ramadhan.

And I will go back to my lovely city in less than 3 Days! Oh, how I miss my family and my bestfriends so damn much! Eventough I am deeply in love with this city, I still miss my family so much!


How’s Your Ramadhan?

Still strong enough for doing some daily activities?

Well, every little thing you do, you have to do in style and keep fabulous!



A fashionable quote for today :

A girl should be two things : classy and fabulous! (Coco Chanel)


wearing plain clothes a day will give you an effortlessly chic style!


See You in Another Post!

- MyriaRafiz -


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Feeling Abstract


Last weekend, I spent 2 days with my beloved(s), my boyfie and my bestfriend named Wintang! I once mentioned her in this blog (or in another blogs? Ooppss I forgot!), she is one of my besties from high school and now since she is now working at Jakarta, we decided to spent this weekend together! Just both of us *giggles*


At Saturday, I went to Senayan City to see the shoes sale from Little Things She Needs (LTSN) in The Hall! It’s a heaven for you, shoe lover! They even put a very cheap price for their past collection. For example, they put 70% off for their ‘sparkling’ heels (they have some colours of its, one of them was PINK but my boyfie say NO for its!), and IDR 50,000 for some of their basic flats!


But still, I end up with buying nothing. Actually, I took 1 flats, its in bright yellow color and I really love it! But when I see the paying queue, I decided to leave the shoes and go. My boyfie said that I already have enough shoes, but hey! Ladies, we never ever have enough shoes for ourselves, right?


This is what I wore last weekend on Sat!


Babahe Shop Oversized Harem Pants in Tosca // Love21 Abstract Tee // Tosca Paris Hijab // Harper’s Bazaar  Gift Bag // MoonAddict Wedges Shoes with Leopard Touch!


wearing plain clothes a day will give you an

effortlessly chic style!


See You in Another Post!

- MyriaRafiz -



On Sunday, I went to La Piazza to attend the Arabian Night event, and also to check on Dian Pelangi latest stuff! I have been drolling on her collection since months ago, but I never had a chance to come to her boutique and when I see her collection in real life, I have been feeling overwhelmed! I in love with her hoodie maxidress, its so unique and different than other hoodie maxi than have been sold by many other people (including me!) out there.


I love the harem pants, that could be worn as jumpsuit! I really like her tie-dye touch (just like a rainbow) of all the material that she used on her collection. Too bad at Sunday, they dont bring many collection. I should come back yesterday but I was too lazy to come again alone.


If you love Dian Pelangi and already considering to wear her dress to the Ied Mubarak on the next 3 weeks. You should visit La Piazza! Her wide dress are very tempting!!!


This is what I wore that day :


Zara Slouchy Asymetric Tee // Abstract Print Harem Pants // Longchamp Bamboo in M-LH // Fly Strappy Sandals // Fuschia Paris Hijab!




wearing plain clothes a day will give you an

effortlessly chic style!


See You in Another Post!

- MyriaRafiz -


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