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Monday, June 27, 2011

Lavender for the Wedding!


Finally an outfit post! Been busy been soooo many things, have to deal with my real life, a jobless accounting-professional-graduated person! And this week, I have to attend a friend's wedding with my boyfie. Actually I had prepared a batwing chiffon top in maroon color, but I look way too big in that top, so I decided to take this chiffon top from my sale rack - Yes, this top is from KailieShoppe, my onlineshop! Isn't it cute?

on meehh : 
KailieShoppe Chiffon Top // Batik Khasandy Batik Skirt in Parang Pattern // Unbranded 9cm-Wedges in Camel Color (Yes, Beauty is Pain!) // The Sak Bag!

and let me introduce you, Lanang - the boyfie!
finally met him again - yes, he went back to Yogyakarta only to attend his best friend's wedding!

both of us really love taking pictures, over and over with our mobile phone. Actually, there were more pictures, but I won't flood this blog with our pictures hahahaha!

well, catch ya later loveeyyy!

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