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Thursday, April 21, 2011

3 Color for A Day!


its been a quite tiring week, since I had to deal with 4 final exam in 4 days in a row, and have to attend a medical test by the final day of my final exam. but fiuh, today is a holiday! and i'm so happy that my bestfriend named Gee and Ntonx went back home today! we're gonna rock Jogja this afternoon!

Anyway, this is my outfit yesterday!

on me :
Unbranded Hijab // Nikicio NN:02 Longsleeve Tee in Black // Unbranded Harem Pants & MaryJane Heels

quite simple, isn't it?
yes, and its all about plain plain and plain! 
and to be honest, this is the outfit I wore to the medical test hahahaha I have to wear a sport outfit, and I didn't have any! :P

PS :
i'm in love with my mary-jane heels! i wore it almost a day and its so comfortable!

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