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Friday, March 25, 2011


Another Outfit Post!!!

Nikicio NN:02 - Purple Dress with Sash // Cotton Ink Lavender Krey Shawl // Rubi - Fuschia Watch // Unbranded Fuschia Bag, Jelly Shoes in Blue, Belt & Hijab 
don't ask!
I'm not tyring to be missy-matchy here, by wearing all purple things here. Hey, I also wore those blue jelly shoes on my feet and I even wear my fuschia bag, hihihi! 

Another picture with mu bestfriend, named Anyiz from Cikipo!

Catch Ya Later!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

CottonInk : Cover My Head!

CottonInk Olive Acid Classic Shawl as a hijab!

A Day in Local Brand

When you have to attend a wedding and also a class in a day, what would you wear? 

Batik Khasandy - Crop Bolero in lurik // Cotton Ink - Althea Black Dress & Big Bangle in Black // Rubi - Fuschia Watch // MoonAddict - Fuschia Heels // TokoTas Jogja - Bag //
Unbranded Belt, Hijab & Necklace

 Desy , Ema, Puspita, Ratih & Me!

love my eye-do this day! oohh I can't imagine living without eyeliner!

What do You Think?

Look Into My Glasses!

I always craving for glasses! I even wore it intensively since I was in high school - about 7 years!!! Caused by my round face, it's kinda hard to find stylish sunglasses for myself. Its kind a frustating, I've been wearing so many styles of sunglasses, from small-round-shape to big-square-glasses. Thanks God I have found a perfect one for myself (the one that I wore for 2 years!).

 me without glasses // me with my glasses // my glasses!

But still, I never stop looking for new sunglasses! It’s kinda hard to find online eyeglasses store, even in the world! That’s why I was so excited when I read an article from Vogue.com about vintage glasses, since I am now already looking for a brand new glass with vintage style. The eyeglasses line I found in Vogue.com article is Warby Parker!

Woohoo! That’s the first word came out from my mouth when I saw this site. I found perfect cat-eye-sunglasses that I’ve been searching for! It’s kind of sensational glasses, and it has been her trademark for years! Eventough the one in Warby Parker didn’t come in black-lens, I still in love with those Tenley Eyeglasses, because if I bought these eyeglasses, I can wear it wherever, not only in outdoor space but also indoor room! 

 Jackie-O sunglasses credited from here &  
Tenley Eyeglasses : Cat-Eye sunglasses!!!

They even have a virtual-try-on that will let you take a picture from your laptop and try those glasses virtually! Too bad they can't detect my face when  I'm using my veil, so i can't upload them here :(

Another best thing about this brand is I even can find perfect glasses that will suit my face well! Yes, I can shop some eyeglasses by my face shape! Thanks to them, Now I found another glasses to be loved!!!

by the way, let me share another cat-eye sunglasses worn by celebrities :

 *credited to here

 *credited to here

*credited to here

Cat Eye Sunglasses surely are the must-have accessories this spring!!!
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