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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hijab Inspiration : BCBG Max Azria Fall 2011 NYFW

For you hijabers, we have another inspiration for our hijab outfit! 

This Fall, BCBG Max Azria's collections in New York Fashion Week 2011 are shown by model worn inner shirt and knee-high boots! 


So yes, all covered! All you have to do is just put on your hijab and your tights (or legging, if you don't want your leg to be accidentally seen)!

Since I can't find BCBG Max Azria Fall 2011's video on You Tube when I was about to upload, so I'll upload some picture from the runway show!

*all picture are credited to NYMag.com

Please visit this link to see a full-collection from BCBG Max Azria NY Fall 2011 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week few days ago : 



and BOLD!

I see bright colors everywhere on this New York Fall 2011!

 Christmas Green! 
 spotted at Catherine Malandrino MB FW : NY Fall 2011

*spotted at :
1 : Diane von Furstenberg MB FW : NY Fall 2011
2 : Derek Lam  MB FW : NY Fall 2011

*spotted at Victoria Beckham MB FW : NY Fall 2011

 Red & Tosca!
*spotted at Diane von Furstenberg MB FW : NY Fall 2011

Magenta & Cobalt-Blue
*spotted at Preen MB FW : NY Fall 2011

Hot Orange!  
*spotted at Thakoon MB FW : NY Fall 2011

*all picture credited by NYMag.com

 So, save your spring/summer outfit for this fall, 
because this fall is gonna be soooo colourful!


To be honest, I don't celebrate Valentine's Day. 
But I love the idea about showing our love the people we love! I usually gave my bestfriend some chocolate, my bestfriend even made some beautiful card for me (and our other bestfriends) few years ago, to show how she love us!

and this year I decided to gave my bestfriend who still stay at Jogja a lovely cupcake, each have a figurine represent herself! I also made one for my mom!!!

I ordered it from Cupcakes by CottonCandy, made by Mba Anggi!
From Left to Right :
Baby Blek // Anyiz // My Mom! // Pupu // ICIX!

By The Way, you don't have to wait for Valentine's Day to show your love to everyone! 
Everyday is a Lovely Day, don't forget to tell your love that you love them! 

and lets started our day with smile!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Prabal Gurung : Fall 2011 NYFW


This is the main color I saw from his collection, and I love how he paired it with black! even with FUSCHIA! As you know, Fuschia and Black are colors I love most, so YES! I definitely in love with yaaa!!!


 reminds me of Ice Queen from Narnia!

FUSCHIA!!! Love this color too damn much!

and look how he mixed fuschia with red, and even the dresses still look gorgeous!

*all picture credited by NYMag.com

Visit Prabal Gurung's official website here!

Christian Siriano : Fall 2011 NYFW!

Lemme share Christian Siriano's NY Fall 2011 Collection on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. By the way, he is the winner of Project Runway Season 4! His collection for this Fall was dominated with Black and Dark colors, but still, full or frills, ruffles and details (Which I love most about his collections!)!

*all credited by Style.Com

 By The way, I love all the shoes worn by his model at the runway. I still can't find the brand of the shoes, I hope its the newest collection from Payless, his own shoes brand! These shoes are too gorgeous! And look at those heels! Even the professional model fell down on the heels, can you Imagine if I worn that shoes? LOL!

*all picture credited to here and NYMag.com

above : look at those heels! and please have a look at the details of the dress worn by the fell-model :) 1 word : BRILLIANT!

Designer I Love : Derek Lam

I know nothing about fashion and designer, and eventough I know Derek Lam, but the first time I 'know' him was yesterday, when I googled about Mercedes Bens Fashion Week : NYFall 2011. I opened his official website, which is http://dereklam.com and suddenly I'M IN LOVE!

The PreFall 2011 and Spring 2011 Collection was great! The most thing I love was ITS PLAIN, and ITS GORGEOUS!!! By the way, these collections I shared below weren't his PreFall 2011 collection. I saw these at the SHOP ONLINE Scction! 
Please visit his site for more more and more lovely RTW collections!


By The Way,
Derek Lam will have a digital runway show in the next 7 hours!
Please visit HIS SITE HERE if you wanna see his Fall 2011 collection on 
New York Fashion Week!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fuschia oh Fuschia!

Another Fuschia!!!
Too bad I don't have a jumpsuit and a heels in fuschia color! If I did, maybe someday you will see me wearing a fuschia hijab, mixed with a fuschia jumpsuit and paired with a fuschia jacket, and also a fuschia bag and fuschia heels! Not to forget, that I've already got a fuschia watch, LOL!

Yes, I am deeply in love with fuschia! I even ever bought a Cabas LC Bag only because it comes in fuschia color (Rosaly!).

Fuschia Zipper Tank - CottonInk // Details Army Jacket in Black // Unbranded Skinny Jeans and Unbranded Hijab, and also another Unbranded Gold Necklace // Noir LP LH - Longchamp // MoonAddict - RAWR Wedges

Do you ever loved a color that much,
as much as I love fuschia?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fuschia is The New Black!

It was a beautiful Day!

I decided to weaar fuschia! And a plus is that Fuschia Zipper Tank from CottonInk way too comfy! I can't wear it all day long :)

Fuschia Zipper Tank - CottonInk // Unbranded Skinny Jeans & Unbranded Wedges // Another Unbranded Necklace, Hijab in Fuschia and Unbranded Belt! // Rubi TW in Fuschia // Portman jacket in Sand - CottonInk // Noir LP LH - Longchamp

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