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Monday, January 17, 2011

Wishlist : February!

My Wishlist this February!

from Mimo Batik, Ananta & Widya!!!

from H&M!

 1 - This gorgeous jasje above is one of Lanvin for H&M collection! and it's on half price now! 
God, please send me a money tree!
2 - Don't you love the color combination?
3 - This Jurk also comes in Terracotta color! but somehow this blue denim color really attracted me!
4 - this scarf is on sale - only 2.95 euros!
5 - enough said! I only know that I love gold and I love crop jacket!!!

and what happen if H&M stores hit Indonesia?
I think I'm gonna broke hahahaha!
by the way, mine is 42 :) somebody bought me those things please!

Let's work harder so that I can see them all in February!!!

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