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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I've Got an Award! :)

been so busy for too long!

so sorry for the hiatus, I have to face my final exam last December, and I don't know what's wrong with my mobile browser, because I can not post any blog post or comment in the last few weeks (from my mobile browser).

in the last few weeks, I've got an award from Mba Tia from Moshe Things! By the way, this is my first award from blogger fellas! Thanks Mba Tia :) Lots of kisses!

PS :
For you who loves art-craft, such as cute hair bow in various form, not only for adult but also for children!!! do some visit at her blog!!!

accepting this award, i am asked to do the following:
1. thank and link to the person who awarded me this award.
2. share 8 things about myself.
3. pay it forward to 8 bloggers that i have recently discovered.
4. contact those blogger and tell them about their awards.

 Well, lets start! I'm gonna share 8 things about my self here, go take a look :)

1. love Chocolate too much! I even can eat 1 bar of chocolate in less than half hour :)
2. my favourite color is Black! I don't know how long its start, but when I check on my wardrobe now, all I can see is black color! 
3. I prefer TV series rather than movie! 
4. I love wedges too much! i only have 1 heels right now, and I still can't stop seeing for another wedges!
5. I love cooking! But I rarely cook well LOL!
6. My sleeping-hour is ruined! I usually slept well at 3am and woke up at 8-9am! What a lazzy girl, huh?
7. I always dreaming about living abroad! If I got a chance, my choice would be France, Holland, Australia (Yeah, Adelaide!!!), Spain, Italy and New York!!!
8. I really want to work in a woman magazine!!! :)

and I passed this award to these beautiful and lovely blogger :
 1. Mba Dessy from Living Daisy!
2. Loorah from Lussi Rahadian :)
3. Fika from Sweet Escape
4. Ola from Haura Insiyah :D
5. Mell from I Dream Huge!
6. Wintang from Wintang!
7. Mba Buyaan from The Life Within :))
8. Fuffi from Fuffi!

do waiting for your share, fellaas!!!! :)

 love - piss - and gaul!!!

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