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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nikicio for Centro!

Do You Know Nikicio? Surely Do!
You must agree with me when I said that they had a very cute collection, and their NN:02 line also sell a lot of basic items for unisex! :)

What about Centro?
Well, should I say more about this department store? Go visit a mall or plaza in your city, because they are opening so many stores in some big cities in Indonesia!

And yes, these collection above are their collaboration together! I love how Nikicio add some basic touch on its collaboration with Centro! Its a new thing for Centro, and since basics are always a must-have for everyone, Nikicio for Centro booth in Centro surely a must-have for you, fashion lover!

Look at that Raglan Dress in Camel! Love it so much! It also comes in Navy and White color! The other item I love is The Big Stole shawl! Love the color combination :)

The White Blazer is also great findings! Trust me, in real world, it was more gorgeous than in the picture above!

For Hijabers, their maxi skirt is also great! My mom even bought it! It has drappery effect and different than other maxi skirt!

There are other things that I haven't got any picture of, one of them is Sided Tee! Its another must have item for you too, since it can be worn in more than 1 ways!!!!

Differ from Nikicio, Nikicio for Centro comes in 3 sizing, which is 1, 2 and 3. 1 will fits well on M and S size, 2 for L and 3 for XL :)

Visit Centro at www.centro.co.id and visit Nikicio at www.nikicio.com :) I have to say that their collacoration together are totally great, and their items are too gorgeous!
Myria Rafiz

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