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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Grey!

geez I was such a very bad blogger. I even haven't announced the winner of my giveaway!
I've been so busy with my college stuff, since I am continuing my education in Accounting Profession right now. And not to mention that I have to work during my daily activities, so yes, so sorry!!!

Today is my day-off from college!
I decided to having a me-time with my dearest friend, named Sasha at Starbucks! We've spent 3 hours chat!!! How I miss her too much! :) 

Too bad I left my etnic bracelet in my Francais Class today. I really hope that they kept it for me :)

and YES!
if you follow me on my twitter, you must know that I've just watched Harry Potter by my self! Proud of my self, I used to do everything together with my friend, and now I even watched movie ALONE!

I wore everything in GREY!
I found out that Light Grey and Black are perfect combination! I don't know whether it's still good if I mixed it with fuschia, try it later!
Portman Jacket from CottonInk!

just bought it few days ago! Its their new collection from Fall/Winter 2010, and yes, its too comfy! I love it too much, I wore it yesterday to work in a semi-formal outfit and I still can wear it today with my casual outfit! Definitely a must-have-items for you who loves wearing cardigan or jacket!
 wearing my favorite sandal wedges!
been wearing it all day, and its too comfy, considered it price that quietly cheap!

Light Grey Paris Hijab - unbranded // Grey Bag - unbranded // Dark Grey harem pants // Black Loose Tee - gift from Girlfriend Magazine // Portman Cardigan Jacket from CottonInk // Gold Chain Necklace - unbranded // Sandal Wedges - unbranded

and have you watched Harry Potter?
GEEZ! i really can't wait for the second part of the movies!

lots of love!


moshe said...

Cantiiiikkk... I love grey too... :)

Lussi Rahadian said...

Hi Myr, do u wear hijab now? Congrats yaaaaah

Myria Rafiz said...

@ moshe : makasih mbak! abu-abu emang gaaadaa matinyaaa!
@ Lussi : hihihi iyaa say :) *malumalu* makasi yaaaa!
eh avatar blognyaa lucuu!

lussi rahadian said...

waaaaw..doakan aku segera menyusul yaaaa :)

penuh effort nih pas foto yg di avatar itu biar pas hidungnya...hi2

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