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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wishlist : YAY for COTTONINK!

first, I would like to conglaturate CottonInk, one of my favorite local brand (YEAH! Indonesian Brand!) for clothing items which founded by Carline and Ria, who have just won Cleo Fashion Awards for Best Innovative Brand! Yes, you both are deserve it for real, girls! 

They launched their first runway collection named ALTERNATE! I'll post more about it soon yaak :)

and I would love to share more about cottonink Mini's Collection : Casual Cool! If I only have a chance to buy 1 item from CottonInk for this Casual Cool line, I definitely would buy this item :

Luxe Viscose Tosca Green Boxy Blouse!


It's truly versatile item that you must buy! Its material is truly soft and extra smooth. Its color is cute and elegant at the same time. LOVE IT BERRY MUCH!!! This is a top where you can wear it as a working suit, under your blazer and your high-waist skirt, and even as a going-out-outfit! Wear it with your favorite tulip skirt, baggy pants, or even latex legging, just like Tal-On did on the shoot above! And VOILA, suddenly you are ready to go out anywhere you want! 

Its cost IDR 209,000 only! It's more expensive than the previous boxy top, but its definitely worth the price, because as you know the material is different than before (it use viscose material which are smoother!), and makes this top more elegant and looks expensive than the previous one!


visit CottonInk online shop, or click here to go buy their product right away!

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