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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vintage and Edgy Design

I love things with unique design, or even strange! What kind of things? Well you name it! I found myself were easily in love with cute design. No, not the package design, but the printed design. for example, I am easily attracted with posters with cute design rather than  posters with unique shape.

That's why I am too excited when I found these! I was browsing for some vintage photograph design, and suddenly some unique and strange design of tees - not only vintage one - were come up! Well, Eventough I'm currently in love with shirts right now, I'm still T-Shirt's number 1 big fan! I usually love the Plain one, but I found these cute and edgy Tees while I was browsing tonight. I'm gonna show you some ubercute tee!

please note that you'll find some tees with unique design, 
because I usually pick a tee based on its design! 

I don't know why, but I think ubercute tees with unique design are one of the must-have item in your wardrobe. Trust me, when you have nothing to wear, put an oversized printed tee (of course with strangest design on it) and a legging or tights - mixed with boots or even flat shoes, and you don't need any other things to complete your outfit!


Shout To Devil!

 Torn Paper :

*image credited to Graniph

Trippy Brain - geez deeply in love with the design!


*image credited to CafePress

I also found that one of the site, named CafePress also sells too many posters with cute and vintage design. I even found Breakfast at Tiffany's vintage movie posters there, and I'm dying to have one!

Breakfast at Tiffany's!
 French Vintage Posters!
*credited to CafePress.com
 French stuff are always great and beautiful. ALWAYS! Their vintage posters I've found are too gorgeous, I suddenly think to buy them all soon after I bought my self my own crib hahahaha! If you love cute, vintage, funny or even edgy design for any stuff, you should check them out! I'll share you the link below yaa..

Click here for funny tshirts!
Click here if you wanna check Cafepress posters right away!

by the way, they are also selling some cute Christmas ornament. Maybe you should check them out to buy your self a cute one for this Christmas!

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