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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Do It My Self?

I love craft! 

When I was a kids, I remember that I was so excited when it comes to craft class! I was not that creative, to be honest I am not! But I don't know why, it's so exciting and fun at the same time when I have to use some crap and useless material and being challenged to change it tobe a new and better stuff!

I remember that I ever made my own cross-stitch :) I buy those cross-stitch template (yeah, I bought more than one!) from a store near my house. I even put one of my cross-stitch-result in a frame, and it is illustrated a cute dog (just like the Lady from Lady and the Tramp) in a yellow background! :)  Can't you imagine how proud I am of myself at that time? That cross-stitch was not even close to be classified as 'good', not even fine LOL!

 *cross-stitching! credited to here

I also used to love sewing. No, not with sewing machine, because I even never know how to use it :( I sew it with my own hand. I usually cut a piece of textile and sew a dress with barehand for my barbie :) Yes, I am that nice to my barbie!

When I was a teenager, I don't really love sewing either cross-stitching. I do scrapbooking, and I also love to combine photos of me and my family and my dearest friends into a large thick paper. LOVE IT! :) 

 *credited to here

*credited to here

I also love to create a special birthday card by myself! Sometimes I made my friend a special card by doing some scrapbooking, or even sew something for her! It was so much better than buy your bestfriend an expensive designer handbag (Okai, maybe not! :P) and trust me, your beloved one would very appreciate it, even if you made it with no-budget!

*credited to here

Don't you love craft?
What craft do you love to do?

I found these nice kits that might be help us who loves to do crafting, or even who wants to start doing it :)  I am in love with those kits!

*all credited to here


*credited to here

Have you ever heard about Punch-Needle?
well, I never heard about it. But I am too curious about it right now, when I see these! Geez, I hope I could made them by my self!

*credited to here

isn't it too obvious that I was easily attracted to owl? :)

for you who loves to craft, go visit Mmija.com!
they have a lot of craft supplies and also Punch Needle Kits. For you who like to sew and quilt, they also have Quilting and Clothing Fabrics

Happy Crafting!
Be Young, Be Creative!


michelle_ said...

i used to make alot of scrapbook pages when I was younger ;)

glisters and blisters

dsy said...

I love scrapbooking.. but now of course I'd go with digital scrapbooking :D
I like using Smilebox for instant scrapbook or taking scrapbook papers, embellishment, etc from shabbyprincess.com. They have a lot of digital scrapbook materials for free download! :D

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