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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Currently in Love : La Poise Accessories!

They asked me to buy them right away! 
What Do You Think?
 FLOWER(ING) in 3 colors! Each @ IDR 25,000!
alligator ring! grrrr too bad its sold already :(
necklace collection!  
The black one is the one I love most!
what a cute earings!
I love those braceletes too much! Its remind me of Indian's accessories (Boho Style!), and its also in black and gold combination! The pink & blue above are also tempting!

All those gorgeous accessories can be found at La Poise Accessories.

They are opening a new store online at Facebook, please visit them here for more lovely collections!

WELL, which one do you loved most?
I have to admit that I don't know what to buy, since all of them are too cute and beautiful!
Should I buy them all? LOL!

PS :
Don't you agree that their collection are very elegant? I DO!

1 comment:

hanna anindhita said...

so edgy! i love them all, i dont even dare to open their facebook since it must be haunting me.

please kindly take a look at my blog

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