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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Another Minis from CottonInk : Casual Cool

another lovely brand from Indonesia, CottonInk, which is also one of my favourite brand ever, is releasing its newest mini collection, named Casual Cool!

their newest collection are some new dresses, cardigans and also SHAWL! 

.... and SHAWL!

 Xtralong Regatta Acid Classic!

Dusty Berry!

The clothes is a bit pricey, but you gotta understand that not only the global price of cotton are increased but also CottonInk also uses other great material for their newest dress, which is Luxe Althea Viscose Dress. for you who doesn't know, the material is exactly the same with Viscose Shawl :D

i'm craving for those two shawl (and also the Acid Lavender one), hopefully they both are still available until next month! Please visit CottonInk-shop.com for more lovely items!


dsy said...

hayoo hayoo borong apa aja?? :D
I'm instantly in love with lavender acid, took one.. fingers cross I hope it's as beautiful as I'm expected.. :D

Myria Rafiz said...

acid? Ak binguuung soalnya lavender acidku dirumah warnanya agak beda sm yg d webstore. Ayo mba kl ud dateng buruan difoto :D pengen mbedain hahahaha siapa tau beda :P
Koleksi ini abseeen duluuuu :P

annnisamazing,blogspot.com said...

ehem ehem gara2 liat mba dessy pake cotton ink buat hijab jadi latah order juga yang dusty berry. today mau transfer

Vina Mironari said...

Aku pengen bgt two tone dress nya tapi abissssss Myr... :(

michelle_ said...

this is one of my favorite collections from cotton ink too :)

Myria Rafiz said...

mb wulan aku ketinggalan dusty berry dan long shawl regatta :( menyesaaaal!
vina toss dulu berarti kita yak, gw juga kehabisan gara2 kelamaan milih-milih :(
michelle_ me too! in love with those two-tone tops too much :)

Advert Fashion said...

Very nice collection!!I really enjoyed your blog.

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