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Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Harem!

Wearing :
Black Longsleeve Tee - NN:02 Nikicio // Lurik Unjuu in Harem Pants - Batik Khasandy (made by my mom! Yay!) // Magenta Jilbab - Unbranded // Nautical Stripes Sandal Wedges - Unbranded


Finally I can blog about another outfit post. Too bad I can not arrange the picture well, because I am blogging from my mobile phone. The truth is I don't even know wether I could use html code when I post via mobile, maybe I should search more about this later.

I'm already in love with harem pants. I even had bought new harem in another color for myself. And I was so excited when I saw this lovely harem pants in my house. My mom made it for me, made from beautiful lurik textile in purple color and in a classic pattern.

And Thanks God Nikicio's package has arrived the day before, so I could wear it with the harem pants! I don't know why but it seems like people were starring at me when I wore these pants. I think they are too gorgeous, don't you think so?

PS :
I wear this outfit to my niece's aqiqah event. I decided to wear a hijab when attending to the event. What do you think? :D and deeply sorry for the blurry image :(



oeoel said...

hy mir.. it's me nurulch from FDers ;)

love ur harem pants..

ada di MP mu gak? hehhehe


oeoel said...

hiii myr.. it's me nurulch from FDers ;)

nice harem pants, do u sell it oh Market Plaza?
hehhe.. let me know it


Myria Rafiz said...

hi Nurul!
nice to see you here hihihi
Actually I haven't sell it on FD,maybe in 2-3 weeks ya.. Surely will let you know if this is already being sold at market plaza yaa..

Thank you oel! :D

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