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Monday, September 6, 2010

JHS-Class Breakfasting!

Silver met Grey? You Bet!
Luna Maya for HW - Tanks // Unbranded HaremPants // Unbranded Inner Tanks // Gold Layer Necklace // Silver Outwear - Unbranded // AnkleBoots in Black - MoonAddict

I really had a great night today! We met at ExtraHot to eat and had our breakfasting, and then after a long silly talk, we went to Inul Vizta Karaoke! Too bad we didn't take any picture at the karaoke, but we did take some pics at ExtraHot, right before we jumped to our motorcycle and go to Inul Vizta! At the parking lot!

The most higher score was taken by Nono, one of my junior-high-school fellow, which also the chief of the class at the 3rd grade. He scored 99 when he sang 'Ya Sudahlah!' by Bondan Prakoso feat. Fade 2 Black! Way to go, Nono!

The second controversial thing was a duet performance by Dika and Gamal. They both were in love at JHS, and we did force them both to sang Terlanjut Cinta! Hahaha sorry guys, but hey! This breakfasting thingy was really rare agenda, and we just want to create some unforgettable memories!

The third great thing was another duet performance by Kiki and (again) Nono. They both sang Harmoni Cinta, Kiki sang it in what-she-called-falseto-voice, just like Gita Gutawa did. Have you heard the song? Yes, it was a very cute song, and Nono even sang it well! :D

Should do it more often! Really enjoy the karaoke-time tonight!

Myria Rafiz - The PlainClothes Addict

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dsy said...

waaa kynya seru karaokeannya :D
aah jadi mendamba harem pants..

Myria Rafiz said...

dsy hihihi! Harempantsnya memang lucu mbak, yuuuuukkkkk dibeli di lapak Audrey! Hehehe btw bener2 tothemax funnya mbaaaaaaa :D :D

chie suci utami apsari said...

like the harem pants
too bad you don't have much Pict


Myria Rafiz said...

chie thats my favorite harem! esp the grey color hihihihi thank you! Too bad I haven't met my friend yet, so I haven't got any pics. Soon!

F i K a said...

sukaa ama harem pants dan ankle bootsnyaaa!! :D

Myria Rafiz said...

Fika hihihi thanksss Fikaa! Itu ankleboots uda hampir gw jual, ternyata lucu jg kalo dipake sm item yang 'tepat!' :D btw, 3 bulan lg yaaaa Fik hihihi happyforyou!

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