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Friday, September 10, 2010



Finally, we meet again deaar Ied Mubarak! After I've spent the last 30days with Ramadhan fasting, finally its time for us, Muslim People to celebrate our day!

I still remember the first day I have sahur, my dad said that its gonna be a very long month, but hey! I even can not imagine that tonight many people are already having Takbiran! :D

Happy celebrating Ied Mubarak 1431 H. I apologize with all my heart if there were any mistakes that I had done. I do realize that I am only human, and sometimes I wrote bad words that might hurt you. Once again, I am sorry for everything I said and wrote that might hurt all of you :D

Happy eating Ketupat&Opor Ayam! :D

Myria Rafiz
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A N A S T A S Y A said...

selamat idul fitri Myria sayang,,

mohon maaf lahir batin yaa...

Myria Rafiz said...

sama-sama yaaa, mohon maaf lahir batin! hows work? hihihi semangat terus yaaa sayang! ga sabar nunggu tulisanmuu di majalah hihihi

Dolls Factory said...

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Myria Rafiz said...

@ Dolls Factory :
thanks for visiting my blog. It's been a pleasure! Let's become a blogger friends!

By the way, I have followed you and also joined the giveaways! I'll post some about your giveaway later ya..

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