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Monday, August 30, 2010

Welcoming September : hello Fashion Issue!

Do you love reading magazine?
Well, I do!
I also loved seeing people working on magazine, as seen in September Issue movie, Running in Heels, Stylista, etc. I loved journalism thingy! I think people who working in magazine are extremely gorgeous and greaaat! Well,not every people could write down everything that they had seen in lovely words! 
Working in magazine also need high motivation and dicipline! Nobody could wonder what might be happen at the end of dateline, and before you finish your work, you are totally in danger! :D that's why many publishing company, such as magazine, newspaper, etc clearly said about those criteria which needed when you want to work in publishing industry.

Well, September is the new year of fashion. Many fashion magazine released the september issue of theirs in special way. for example, this 2010, Elle UK has released its newest magazine titled Fashion Issue, just like Bazaar UK. I don't know why, but its seems like they both have pretty same idea about this issue, such as both of the cover using a lace-stuff, worn by the model, in black. But I didn't buy Vogue. I think I will wait for the US Edition :D As I also saw in the latest edition of Elle US (August 2010), Drew Barrymore as its model-cover also wore some lace-dress in black. Is this mean that lace is gonna be the hot-stuff for this Fall? have no idea about that. But its pretty clear that the Fashion Spread in Elle Indonesia also have its own page about celebrity wearing lace-stuff in red-carpet. 

If you love reading magazine, well maybe you should buy at least 1 magazine in September issue. They are usually come in more page (just like Elle did, and also Cosmopolitan Indonesia, eventough they are publishing more page in order to their birthday edition), with more and more fashion spread in it. Well, I will share some magazine cover for the September Issue, hope you could decide what magazine would you buy this September. But hey, don't expect too much. those cover issues are too gorgeous, trust me, you wouldn't be delighted until you bought them all.

Bazaar UK - September 2010 : Giselle Bundchen

Instyle Magazine - September 2010 : Rachel Bilson

Bazaar UK - September 2010 : Jennifer Aniston (LOVE IT!)

Elle UK - September 2010 : Emily Blunt

Elle US - September 2010 : Julia Roberts!

Vogue UK - September 2010 : Kate Moss!

Which one do you love most?
I totally in love with Elle US Cover! Jennifer Aniston (and her gorgeous hair, of course) looks stunning on the cover! 
Well, you should see the cover shoot on Elle US' website! The story of the covershoot is about Jennifer Aniston as Barbra Streisand in American's Funny Girl! I'll post about this in another blog post yaa!

So, have you made your decision about which magazine would you buy this September?

PS :
For you who lived in Indonesia, you must be very confused about this, as almost all of the fashion magazines in Indonesia has a great September Issue, with its own way, such as giving the reader some bonus!
- Female Magazine September 2010 : a lovely Pashmina, in various yummy colors
- Cosmopolitan September 2010 - also their Birthday edition, they gave the reader a travel bag and a pouch for the mini-magz
- Elle September 2010 : a lovely tote bag, matched with the clutch they gave few months ago
- InStyle September 2010 : a hot-red agenda!

be a smart shopper yaa!

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