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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trip to Purwokerto

Few weeks ago, me and my friends visited Purwokerto, located in Jawa Tengah to attend the opening of my friend's little mart named Cerme, located in Purbalingga. Purwokerto is a very beautiful yet quiet city located in Jawa Tengah. One fun fact about this city was its voted as one of the most-voted-city-to-live-in based on Kaskus. Although there was not enough entertainment centre there, but you should visit some great place nearby, such as Owabong in Purbalingga. Please read more about it here.

I arrived a PWKT at 4.30 pm. After visited my friend's house and put down our small luggage, we visited SMA N 1 Purwokerto, my friend's high school and take some photos there. What can I say? I love taking photo of my self, no matter where I am :gigles: We also visited one of one-stop-shopping center in Purwokerto, too bad I forgot the name.

KailieShoppe Knit Cardi in BrokenWhite // Unbranded Black Loose Tee // KailieShoppe Jegging //Forever21 White Hairband // Ciciero Aulika Choco Fur // Rubi Sandals

 At night, we have a very nice dinner with my friend's parent in a nice restaurant at Purwokerto. I ate too much food there, from Asparagus Soup to Roasted Carp. After that, they took me to Purbalingga, visited their newest little mart named Cerme. WOW! I was so excited, because the price is much cheaper than in Jogja. Eventough the difference isn't that much, but I think its kind of worth when you bought the stuff for more than 100pcs, right? :giggles:

I took a very nice photos there, with a Fedora hat from Cerme! YES, they also sell Fedora Hat! and also a very cute Hello Kity cute doll! :D

 Supre 7Ways Cardigan in Dusk // Unbranded Black Loose Tee // KailieShoppe Jegging // CottonInk Lavender Krey Shawl //Hello Kitty and Fedora Hat - Property from Cerme // Rubi Sandals


This is the opening day of Cerme!
Eventough the opening wasn't too loud, but the store's visitor is quite alot! If you lived in Purbalingga, or just visited Purbalingga, please visit Cerme! They are located near a traditional market, toobad I forgot the name hihihi

Supre 7Ways Cardigan in Dusk // CottonOn Purple Tank // KailieShoppe Stirrup Tights // CottonInk Lavender Krey Shawl // Forever21 White Hairband // Ciciero Aulika Choco Fur // Rubi Sandals

We left Purwokerto at 7pm, and before we started or journey back to Yogyakarta, we decided to stop by at Soto Bangkok for dinner. I didn't eat too much there, because I saved a room in my belly so that I could eat my snack that I bought at Purbalingga, at my friend's little-mart named Cerme. We also visit a little store who sell many traditional food from Purwokerto, such as Tempe Mendoan and Gethuk Goreng. I decided to buy some for my family and my bf's family. 

Too bad my friend's haven't upload more photos that we take in his camera. I'll post it soon!

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