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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Trend to Watch : Knit for Fall, would it be?

To be honest, I usually hate knit, for real. My first-knit-clothing-item-that-I-could-remember was a well-fitted knit dress. I bought them few years ago when I visited Jakarta. Too bad, I don't have a hot-body-like-a-model, and wearing a well-fitted-knit-dress was the worst scene that could happen to me. Thanks to God, I realize about it soon after I saw my self on the mirror, and suddenly I took it off, and VOILA! I even couldn't remember where the knit-dress right now. 

Month ago, I saw a very gorgeous knit cardigan. I decided to re-sell it on my online shop, KailieShoppe and at a fashion-forum named FashioneseDaily. At first, I didn't interest with the product. But times to times, I saw these knit cardigans in a very yummy colours, shipped to my house, I can not help my self to not take 1 piece for my self. My choice went to a very beautiful BrokenWhite knit cardigan, and I even brought it when I visit Purwokerto few weeks ago. 

PS :
please visit my online shop if you love this knit cardigan at KailieShoppe

and then I started to think about knit items, does knit is the must-have-clothing-material for this fall? I googled about it, browsed in few fashion website about what style would be the next trend this fall, and I found that yes, knit could be the next must-have-material in this fall. In fact, many designer used knits for their fall collection, not only on clothes but also bags, just like Prada did. 

I found this site, BecomeGorgeous.com, and i found a great article about what materials would be the must-have-things this fall (please red about it here). One of them is KNIT, along with shearling, velvet, fur, lacey stuff. I will share some knit items, designed by some high-class international designer for this fall. Not only clothing items, but also knit acessories, such as beanie-hat, gloves, leg-acessories, and etc. Go get yourself a very nice knit items for this fall, its price could be doubled when the trend already comes!

M Missoni

 Miu-Miu Knitted Cardigan
 Michael Kors

Christian Dior

Alexander Wang

*all pictures are credited to Net-A-Porter.com

which one do you love most?
well, I really love the Camel-Snood from Chloe, the purple shrug from Missoni, and also the camel-black knit-clutch from Prada. well, I have to admit that I'm kind into knit right now!

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