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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Selamat, Anda Bangkrut!

If an ATM could talk, I think that was the first thing they would told me everytime I put my card to the machine. 


It's ironic, because I am broke when I officially started my Black Period. What did I've bought?

1. Underwear
I'm kind of addicted to this kind of clothing, especially because I have bought an underwear organizer and I realized that I don't have much underwear. I decided to buy my self more underwear, because it's a must-have-items for us, as a human. No matter what gender you are, you must have this basic items. So yes, I have to put aside all of those clothing-wishlist and start searching more underwear for my self! Have you got enough underwear?

2. Dresses & Pants!
I have bought 2 Dresses in a week! and a Pants!
too bad, both of them are kind of pricey dress, for me. I need a pants, because I am already have enough jeans and legging and stocking, but I have just realized that I only have one-pants. Please don't mention those harem pants, I can't wear them when I attend a serious working-interview, right? :D
Well, all of them are from CottonInk. Yes, you are right. I'm addicted to them. Officially. 

Jupiter Maxi in Iron Blue // Jupiter Midi in Berry // Straight Breezy Pants
but I sell my berry neptune maxi dress :D
 think those Jupiter dress suits me well :D
I'll post soon If I take any picture with my newest things yaaa..

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