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Monday, August 2, 2010

Rest In Peace, Iwan Tirta..

one of the most great and famous designer in Indonesia, Iwan Tirta, has passed away at Saturday, August 1st at Jakarta. Iwan Tirta mostly known as a Maestro Batik. He is also known worldwide with his batik touch on his work. 

Rest In Peace, Iwan Tirta. You have done such beautiful and great things with Batik, now its time for us, the Indonesian youth, to continue what you have done. Lets show the world that we, Indonesia, have so much fabulous ethnic finding, such as Batik, Kain Ulos, Tenun, Lurik and many more. 

as I read in Suara Karya Online, As a form of appreciation to Iwan Tirta (75), DKI Jakarta Provincial Government plans to build a Museum Batik Iwan Tirta (Iwan Tirta's Batik Museum). I really hope that this is could be accomplished. Iwan Tirta has got so much beautiful Kain Batik. I saw some of his great collection in his official site, click here to visit the site

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If you wanna read more about Iwan Tirta, please visit FemaleDaily sub forum, which specially discussed about Iwan Tirta Private Collection. 

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