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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jeans VS Jegging


I always love jegging. Jegging is my best option when I was too lazy to put a jeans when I go out. But before I continue with my jegging thing, Do you know what is jegging?

Jegging comes from jeans-legging. Its material usually less thick than jeans, but more comfortable to wear, because it usually comes in stretchable material. They called it as a jeans-legging, because jegging has no zipper-front like legging, so all you have to do is just put your leg into the jegging just like when you wear legging! 

Just like jeans and legging, jegging usually come in various colour and material. From the common blue-jeans colour, black, light-blue-jeans, until brown color. The quality of the jegging itself is depend on the price and the brand, the higher the price, the better quality would you get for the jegging. But don't worry, many international brand sell this jegging in a very yummy price, such as Dorothy Perkins, which is around EUR 20 - 25. You also should check ASOS, TopShop, Urban Outfitters and etc for more choice of jegging for yourself. 

Please read Denimology if you wanna know more about jegging itself.

I  started wearing jegging few months ago. My first jegging was from Nevada, local brand from Matahari Department Store. It only cost about IDR 60,000 or around US $6, but too bad its quality was very bad. I think Matahari didn't count that jegging is the same way with pants, which is you need a bigger room in the back than in the front side. But hey, its their first jegging, and I guarantee that Matahari had produced a better jegging right now for Nevada brand.

My second jegging was from Dorothy Perkins (DP). It cost alot more than Nevada jegging did, but I assure you that DP's jegging is very comfortable yet chic, and thick. It more looks like a skinny jeans for me, but with no zipper in the front side. What can I say, price and brand says more than just my reviews.

My third jegging was from my online shop, which is KailieShoppe. OK, let's not talk about it, you should read the reviews on my FD's Lapak @ FemaleDaily Forum. They are not as thick as DP, but they come in more stretchable than DP did.

My Katallog watch and my Bow Ring from Forever21
I wear this acessories when I wore my outfit above :D

Me and My Friend, named Icix at Ramayana Department Store. 

You should be surprised that this store sell a very great jegging which cost only about IDR 90,000. It has two types, the plain one and the stud-jegging! Me wore the second type, and my friend wore the first type.



Emily said...

I'm with you on jeggings! I love them!



anggi said...

i have your jegging and i looooooove it! haha. been my staple from the first time i try it on.

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