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Sunday, August 22, 2010

CIL : Floral Wedges

Have you read my post about Erdem
click this link if you haven't read about it yet. 

Erdem is a fashion label from London which designed very beautiful dresses, usually in abstract printed or floral by the last season. On their runway, their collaborate with Georgina Goodman, who produced a very outstanding floral shoes last summer. 
I haven't found any of floral wedges shoes who looks not less gorgeous as Georgina Goodman's one. I really understand that eventough I could find one, the price would be very high that I couldn't afford. But then I found this wedges, when I opened Centro Department Store site tonight. These floral wedges are sold by Christalys, in a very bargain price (depend on the beautiful style), which is IDR 299,000. Well, there are 3 wedges actually, but I really in love with the black one. These are beautiful, but not too much and the design is pretty simple (especially because they are floral wedges, so the most simplest one would be the best or it would be too much!). 

*credited to Centro.co.id

don't you agree?
please visit this link to see more floral wedges at Centro.

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