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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boyband Addict!

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While posting this post, I am listening to the old songs from many boybands, such as 5ive and Westlife (and also BackstreetBoys, Blue, Ultra, etc). I have to admit that I was (and am, hihihi) a big fan of boybands. YES, BOYBANDS, with (S) because I love more than 1 boybands. From Backstreet Boys to Ultra.

The boyband I love most is Backstreet Boys! I started listening to them since their second album, Everybody (Backstreet Back). Well, if you love boyband, you must have your favorite personnel right? Me too! I love Nick Carter! Eventough many people said that he can't sing, I still love him hihihi (I feel like a teenager when I say 'love' to boyband members). 

I also loved NSYNC (yes, its Justin Timberlake's and JC Chasez' former boyband. I love JC most!),  Westlife (I love Mark most, but by the time goes by, I choose Nicky as my puppy-love-choice), Ultra (they sang Say You Do and Rescue Me), 5ive (now they are known as Five. I love Ritchie most!), Boyzone (I love Stephen Gately most, RIP Dear Stephen), 98Degrees, Code Red, Blue, etc. Well, from the list above, I have all their album but Ultra. But I also have listened to theirs, because my cousin bought them. She love Ultra more than me HAHA!

WELL, let me share with you about my boyband crush!

BackstreetBoys! and Nick Carter, of course!

just look at those cute face and beautiful smile!
and geez, I love his middle-split hairstyle!

5ive, Ultra, Westlife, Code Red!

I loved Nick Lacey most, but I think Jeff and Drew are kind of cute!


what a cute Lee Ryan from Blue!
I think he's the reason why I loved Channing Tatum so much right now! They both are just so alike!

Well, have you got any boyband-crush?

1 comment:

dsy said...

I like NKOTB.. LOL :D
I still love listening to their songs once and awhile :D
Heart that magenta-RoR combo, btw ;)

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