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Monday, August 2, 2010

Another Wishlist!

I've joined a forum named Female Daily, for about 1 year. It is one of the most famous fashion-forum in Indonesia, which established by some of fashion-lover and beauty-addict from Indonesia! Actually, the forum is just made after the parent site, FashioneseDaily, was highly visited by many of Indonesian fashionista and others beauty-addicted! Click here if you haven't know anything about FashioneseDaily yet! Well, referenced by what they wrote in FD's About Us' Page, Fashionese Daily now is Indonesia’s most visited and trusted destination for comprehensive resources and opinions when making buying decisions. It's amazing especially when you know that they only started FD as a blog, and look how great they are now!

Well, during my 1-year-member in FD, I have made so many purchasing on many new items I knew from FD Fellows-Member, or from the FashioneseDaily's blog itself. Yes, some of them are Ciciero Bags, Nikicio, Nikidee, Sash and many make-up stuff from Clinique, OPI, Maybelline, MAC, ELF and etc. Of course, FD also taking its own part on making me super-broke with CottonInk's stuff! And surprisingly, most of them were purchased by my self! No wonder that my savings is getting lower and lower. 

After made some wishlist about FashionBooks few days ago, I decide to share with you about another wishlist I made on make-up. Before joining FD, I never bought any make-up by myself, I always borrowed my mom's stuff, from lipstick until make-up brush! I only bought lip-balm and loose-powder monthly, hahahaha!

But after I joined FD, I started to spend my money on other items : not only on bag, or clothes or shoes, but also lipstick, eyeshadow, brush, mineral powder (YES! me bought them too!), nail polish and many more. I started to think about beauty-side, and started to buy more and more beauty stuff. But too bad, I couldn't buy every items that I love, because as you already know, makeup with great (or even good) quality always served in great price! So, as a bargain shopper, I have to manage my wish and be a smart-shopper!

some of my beauty-stuff wishlist(s), divided into its brand :

- NARS -
I never bought any of Nars' items before. They are too over-budget for me, the bargain-shopper-girl. But after reading and reading on FemaleDaily's about this brand, most of you would be agree if I'm gonna said that my wishlist for this brand would be its blush and its loose powder!
Nars Blush - Orgasm
many FD-member said that this is a legendary blush! The most wanted brush, eventhough some of them said that its shade only looks good in fair skin. But as I read in The Make Up Blogette, this shade is the most recommended blushers shade for Nars! 
Nars Loose Powder - Desert
most people recommended the Flesh Shade for this product, but I think this shade will suite me better! It cost about US$35 in Nars Website, still way-too-over-budget for me, but who knows maybe I will get extra money from my book-sales? 

before we moved to another brand, lemme share with you about Nars' banner(s) I loved most! I saw this banner at some sites, and I really love them!

Shop NARS Cosmetics
love this banner very much! Especially because I love Blush!
this is one of my must-wear-make-up-before-you-go-out item! look at those gorgeous shades! Gees, no wonder I am already broke this month!

Summer Makeup Collection 2010 by NARS Cosmetics
it's Nars' tag, made by its owner named Francois Nars!
IT'S ONLY MAKE UP! love their colour, It's so SUMMER! 

Here it's some of their ad-campaign for their Summer'10 Collection, and their summer'10 products :
Spring 2010 Collection from NARS Cosmetics

- ELF -
I love ELF, because this brand is very affordable for me! Eventhough not all of their stuff come in good quality, but I'm highly recommended all of you to use its second line, which is ELF Studio, for its makeup stuff!
Its price starts from US $3, but its quality is way better than its price! I am planning to buy their brush, for daily-brush-before-I-could-afford-MAC-brushes! Actually, I also love their palette and their mineral make-up! I really want to buy this Kabuki Brush too much!
and this mineral starter kit :
Just Click the Link below to Visit ELF STORE and buy their product right away!
For you who lived in Indonesia, don't worry ELF already open an Indonesia-based-online-shop! Please visit them by Clicking Here!


50% Off Bestsellers

$2 Shipping On Any Purchase

- MAC - 
I've bought MAC only once, which is for its pigment! YAY I LOVE IT! I bought them from my friend by sharing those pigments in a very bargain price! And surprisingly, it's very great! I got its pigment on a very cute jar, which filled for about 1/4 from its normal size. You just have to applying some with your ES brush, and voilla! your eye-job is done! don't you know that some of its pigment's colors also could be applied on your lips?
But my wishlist on this brand would be its pigment (some bright colour!) and its brush! YES! I found this site at google, when I was googled for some Mac Stuff. if you are looking for what Mac  are best for you, you should definitely read it!

MAC Pigments, in : Old Gold, Melon, Teal, Copper
please click here for more color reference, actually there are more of them. You should visit some beauty-forum to find another pigment-colors

*Credit to Temptalia
NO! I won't take those-8-brushes as my wishlist! I think I will pick 3-4 brushes from that must-have-brushes, here it is :
129 Powder/Blush Brush // 138 Tapered Face Brush // 182 Buffer Brush
Its the 1st, 2nd and 5th brush on the list! Maybe I will buy this brush by the next years, because I don't think I would be able to splurge on beaty-stuff these years!

I don't know anything about this brand. all I know is this brand was well-known for its liquid foundation and its loose powder, and also for its High Definition (HD) things! The most I love about this brand is its color-variation! you should visit their site here! Eventhough I never apply any foundation when I use makeup, but I think doing some splurge on this stuff is definitely worth-it! Not for now, of course!
when I visited MUFE's site, I found such cute and uncommon make-up stuff there. It called AQUA Cream, Waterproof Cream Color. What makes them so different than others is they come in very unique color, such as anthracite (looks like teal), turquoise, emerald green, and many more. It is quite rare and strange, because they are come in blush section (and also eye section)! YAY! 
 well, after googled many times, I found some pictures that shown all colors of Aqua Cream! 
*Credited to Best Things in Beauty
*Credited to The Pink Buble

Well, FashioneseDaily also wrote about this product. Please visit their site for more information.


You can also buy these beauty stuff right away from DrugStore.com (except for MUFE and MAC items, sorry!) and I've got some discount offer for new-customer and coupon-codes for you all, readers! But don't worry, they also sell more brands, such as Burt-Bees, EcoTools, Milani, and etc. 

drugstore.com, inc.

and for you who loves STILA Cosmetics, here are some coupon codes for you :

writing such as blog-review is totally exhausting but super-fun! But, you know, If you decided to buy fancy things, such as bag or even just make-up with premium prices (like those brands), you have to do more and more research about it. So, when you are financially ready to buy those stuff, you know what and how to use and treat those stuff! 


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