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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Holy Month Coll!

another CottonInk's collection! 
YES! They are now preparing for Holy Month Collection, a Ramadhan-Edition-Collection for you! CottonInk will release some new shawls for us, I heard that they also will release Jade-Acid-Shawl! Is that true? I hope so! Jade is very unique and beautiful color! I have a classic slub shawl and a oboxy in jade, and I love those colors too much!
Those lovely pants are being featured in Kompas Urbana, and eventhough the picture is kind of blur, I love these pants very much and I can't find a better picture from CottonInk's twitter account which showing the whole look of the pants. I am pretty sure that these pants wouldn't fits me as well as when its worn by the model. but I love those drawstring pants! Well, who cares hahahaha!

the photoshoot held at Ciwidey, West Java. They are truly girl-power-team! Even they hired a woman-photographer, named Andra Alodita, visit her blog here

These are their newest collection! Have a look!

Jupiter Dress - shortsleeve version of Neptune Dress

White Viscose Shawl and LightSalmon Limited Short Scarf!

 is this Lilac Classic Shawl?

Serenity Tops and Dress!

the newest collection was inpired by AbuDhabi! 
my favorite item is the Jupiter Dress! LOVE IT!!!!

CottonInk, as they said in their twitter account, will released this collection for this Holy Month in about a week (hopefully this week), I don't know the exact date but I think they only wait for their production. so, get ready, fellas! Grab your favorite items as soon as they released in their website. Visit their website here!


dsy said...

I can't wait for their new coll!!
They've taken beautiful pictures, haven't they?

Myria Rafiz said...

I've never been to Ciwidey before, and I'm dying to visit Ciwidey soon!
by the way, They've taken beautiful pictures with gorgeous clothing items and model!

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