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Sunday, July 25, 2010

When Plain Clothes are not a Crime!

Well, for you who loves reading my blog, you must be very familiar with those blog title I made. 2 words. 

Plain and Clothes

You have no idea how I love plain clothes. Well, I have to admit that I am easily attracted with those plain things, when it comes to clothes. For example, no matter how much I've already bought black dresses or tops, I keep thinking that I really have to buy more black stuff, because I don't have that much. 

And that was usually happened when I walked into a store, and I saw those gorgeous clothes in plain color, not only in bold color but also in monotone color, such as grey, black or even white.of course, I love bold color, especially Red and Purple and also PINK! But still, it didn't stop me buying those great items in monotone color. 


Well, If you are keen to those plain stuff, especially for monotone and basic clothes just like I do, maybe you should read this post. It could be a crime, but of course It could be a wonderful outfit, if you match it well! So, when you wanna do basic, Let me give you some tips to cheer it up!

1. Unique Cutting
When you wanna buy basic stuff, sometimes you have to choose some clothes with unique-cutting-line, for example :
- Asymmetrical Stuff
buy a plain white asymmetrical dress to give you the best look
- Oversize Clothes
if you love wearing a shirt, you could buy yourself some oversize shirt rather than a classic one. of course, you surely will need some basic and classic shirt in your wardrobe, but you don't need another one! Choose oversize one to give you stylish and chic look!
- Layering!
layer is always in! many brands offering some great layer-stuff right now, not only in dress or tops, but also in Cardigan! Add some layering-cardigan to your wardrobe, and trust me, it won't look basic at all, even in white color!

don't worry! If you have to wear those classic stuff, you surely still be able to look fabulous. All you have to do is just pick the right bag for you to be worn, and VOILA! You ready to rock the world, immediately! Of course, you should pick the colorful one to bright-up your outfit. But hey, you could also mix the outfit with those bold-color-bag or with those patterned bag! 

- Jewelery
Yes! Yes, and Yes!
There are many accessories that could be worn with those monotone outfit, or with those plain-stuff-from-head-to-toe outfit. You could wear your gold-chain-layering-necklace, your  statement-ring or your ethnic-bangles! And don't forget those gorgeous earrings in various shape and material that could stand-out your outfit!
- Shawls 
And, yes, wear your favorite shawl for this fall, because, have you heard that shawl is the new necklace? Classic shawl is always great for casual occasion, but there are many design of shawls right now, from fringe shawls until crochet-shawls! But hey, shawl is not only could accompany you at the rainy days, but also in spring or even summer! Many shawls are made by chiffon materials, they are so light and comfy, even in summer days!
- Stocking
  You are also allowed to wear some solid or even patterned stocking with your lovely classic dress. Put on some classic color such as black, brown or even grey to gave some classically stylish look or some shocking color such as pink, white or even electric blue to give some eclectic touch! 
- Headpiece
Wear some extraordinary headpiece for your lovely formal occasion or party with your Little-Black-Dress, and trust me, no one could turn their eyes from you! Put on a simple bow-headband or a lovely crochet beret for your everyday-use, and you will look no basic at all!

* Credited to Asos.com

What do I have to say?
Well, every women deserve a great and gorgeous shoes, no matter what their outfit are. Of course, you will need some extra-beautiful shoes to add a little touch in your basic outfit. Cut-out wedges is always a best choice, but you could also wear your lovely stiletto to give super-touch to your outfit! The higher, the better, DEFINITELY! But we don't want those beautiful shoes hurt you like hell, even-though many people say that beauty is pain!

*credited to WhoWhatWear.com
Chloe Cork Wedge Sandal, 
credited to Net-A-Porter.com
Tabitha Simmons,
*credited to Net-A-Porter.com

last but not least,
sometimes being classically casual is often categorized as stylish and chic, so put on your best clothes, no matter how plain it is, wear enough make-up and pick your most comfy shoes! VOILA, you ready to rock the world!

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