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Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Mate!

Is that OK if I wanna share something here? *which no related with fashion at all!

I've got a very dear friend named Lia, I usually called him Grundy, because of her hair (hahaha!). Lets called her G, in this sharing post!

I knew her since 7 years ago, when we were in the same high school! We actually in the same class too, and yes, she is my best mate! I sat with her all the time, even though sometimes we sat with another friend. She was a saint, I mean she is the most kind and loveable person that I 've ever met in this whole world! She can;t just say NO! She can't refuse anything, which means she always said YES for everything that been asked by anyone! 

She always help me, for everything! From studying until my love-stories-stuff. It seems like she know everything about me, hahahaha! She even helped me when I was still being recovered from my teeth-operation, and I have those deadline which made me to collect all of my thesis stuff. She, after finishing her job-interview, went to campus to gave all those stuff to the academic! CAN'T YOU IMAGINE? 

she is my lucky charm! when she helped me with any stuff, trust me, it would be easier! Even Birocracy looks fun, when I'm doing it with her! And that's been proven when I went to the campus few days ago to manage all stuff needed to my graduation stuff. Grrr!

Tomorrow morning, she will leave Jogja and go to Cilegon, as a newest worker of a great company there. Yes, I was shocked and sad. Because I was left by my lucky charm, my dear and loveable bestfriend, and my truly mate! But at the same time, I was very happy! Because she was accepted in one of the great company in Indonesia. I was even flattered about her! 

Well, congratulation my dear friend! my dear G! my dear lucky charm!
and please - don't feel bored when I text you about my life and love-life stuff, only for asking you some advice or even just for sharing! Don't be too afraid, I always know that you are this good, even better sayaang!

See you in 1 month!


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