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Thursday, July 8, 2010


1. Ciciero Jones Bag
eventough I had only 1 Travelling Bag bought from Centro few months ago, I've had what they called 'love at the first sight' when I saw this bag, months ago. I thought that it will helps me alot when I do some travelling stuff during my future-life, as whatever-I-would-be. It cost IDR 320,000, and I am right now too broke to buy them, especially because I would have a great trip by the next week, and buying this stuff would only make me really really, I mean really, out of money.
*credited to :

2. NN:02 CottonDress with Back Detail and Sash
it's Nikicio's newest collection, from Rideaux Mous. And look at those colour : It's really similar to Dusk colour from Supre! Too Bad those Dusk dress in Supre already sold out, and when I found this dress, all I could ask to my self is just : I have to buy this dress!
Its cost is about IDR 188,000, and I think I would buy this dress by the next month!
*credited to :

actually I in love with many-many items in NN:02 Rideaux Mous! but what can I say?
I have to limit my self from shopping!
It's too dangerous for our wallet, don't you agree?

by the way, I am too excited because all CottonInk's products that I want are already bought by my dearest friend in FD! LOVE YOUU MBAAA!!! :D

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