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Monday, July 5, 2010



how are you?
what a busy happy day!

I've done too much things today!
From going to the bank for closing my old account and transfered the amount to the new one, until queuing in Indosat to alter my mom's old sim card, because somehow it's rejected by the phone. I went to campus at 11am, and arrived home at 4pm! I haven't ate anything or even drink some mineral waters! 

But during that busy time, a miracle happened!
I received an email from one of my favorite local brand named Nikicio, that they are already holding a sale until 70% OFF for NN:02 Line! WHAT A MIRACLE!

for you who already followed my twitter, you must knew that I am not be able to join Brighspot Market by the next 3-days! I have to deal with my graduation things, and I don't think I can finish all those stuff by the next two-days! So yes, I decided to not to go to Jakarta this week. 
I am not worried about missing CottonInk's newest collection, because my lovely friend from FashioneseDaily's Forum (called FemaleDaily) would like to buy me my CottonInk's shopping-list! I already asked them, actually, and they say YES, THEY WOULD LOVE TO! SUPER-HAPPY!

by the way, this is my recent-shopping-list for CottonInk :
Neptune Maxi Dress, in Dark Navy or Berry
Houndstooth Shawl

actually I am also really love the Crop Cardigan, but I don't really love the colour (They come in Fire and Berry), so I decided to wait for FDers' review and buy them online!
back to the topic about NN:02, I decided to directly open Nikicio's Webstore from my lovely handphone at that time! Well, I had been really want those items so bad, but I don't have any money to be spent! And when I knew that those items that I really want are on sale for about 30% off, I can't wait any longer! YAY!

here it is, my shopping cart from NN:02 by Nikicio

1. Long Sleeve Tee Light Grey

and the most exciting part is..
my sists wanna bought me the Muscle Tank, and my boyfie would love to buy me those longer back tee in white!

eventough I have to queue for my mom's thing by myself, I also got a happy thing today!
First, I've bought sale items from Nikicio!
Second, My sists and My boyfie bought me two of them!

DO VISIT NIKICIO for joining their sale!

by the way, today I also got my first facial-treatment!
I went to Larissa with my bestfriend named Lia! grrr love her too much! she already got a job and she would leave Jogja, and I can't imagine how my life would be without her :(

back to topic, I took Blueberry Treatment, and it cost me about IDR 85,000 (US $ 8.5). But I have to agree that it really worthed the price! Of course, it really hurts! My face were went red, especially in the nose and cheek area! But overall, I love doing facial! :D

THANKS GOD for today!!!!


nikicio said...

thank you for shopping with us. hope you are happy with your purchase.
much love, nikicio team

Myria Rafiz said...

@ Nikicio :
Thank you deaar Nikicio :D :D :D

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