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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Bowl Of Love!

For you who didn't know what does my blog title means,
It's my first novel's title!
I actually published my first novel at April 2008, I forgot the exact date! :(

I wanna share you a very short and small story behind the book!
 Actually I wrote most of the novel in a communicator cellphone ( I remember the type! It's Nokia 9300i!!!), during my insomnia! I often went to sleep late those night, and sometimes the idea about the novel just came out exactly when I was watching movies or even FTV in SCTV! 

It also the first time I could finish what I have wrote. Actually, I do love writing so much, but I don't know why I rarely finished every writing I've made. That's why when I finally finished the novel, I was so happy but I didn't tell anybody, but my closest friends, named Lia! At that time, I actually printed my novel with my home-printer, and made it looked like a real book by binding in a copier near my house. 

The first and the only home-made-binding-novel were read by her! After that, I told my family about the novel, and my dad asked me to gave the copy to one of the book publisher in my city named Galang Press. It took 1 year until the book finally published! During that time, I have to edit the novel and revised some of the stories there, I even have to change the name of my primary figure, because of the bias that could created when I used that old name. 

And yesterday I received an email from Sales Division of Pustaka Anggrek (my publishers, sub-company of Galang Press Media). In that email, its clearly written that my novel so far has been sold for about 1,041 copies! Even though I know that the number is might be too little for you, but I were so grateful about this! I can't imagine that there are many of them who bought my book! Hahahaha!

Well, for you who wanna know about this book, please contact me!
It costs about IDR 25,000, excluded the shipping cost to your home area. 
or please buy them online in :

Well it's already 3am right now!
Goodnight and have a nice weekend for you all!

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