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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Be Prepared : CottonInk PreFall 2010 Collection!

Another favourite brand of mine :D
They are now preparing for their newest collection for this July!
Its called : 
Pre-Fall 2010!

worn with Basic Tank in White Slub, and Black Drawstring Shorts!

they dominated their newest collection with Black & White!
from Basic Tank 'till Kimono that can be worn in 4Ways!
price range?
Don't worry! They're cost not more than IDR 250K!

April Top!
Available on White and Dark Grey

Kimono 4Ways-Wear, worn with Burgundy 4Ls

Laurie Tee - Barely Blush Oversized Shirt, worn with Drawstring Shorts - April Top, worn with Mid-Blue 4Ls
*Drawstring Shorts 165K
Available on Chocolate, Black, Dark Navt, Sky Blue

Clarissa Shirt, White&Black // Oversized Shirt in White

Berry Neptune Maxi & Crop-Cardi Fire
Neptune : 
Maxi - 250K, Knee-Length 215K
Available on Berry, Atlantic Blue, Dark Navy, Jade Green
Crop Cardi 165K
Available on Bery and Fire

Kimono 4-Ways Wear, worn with Basic Tank Rosette
*Kimono : 185K
*Basic Tank : 99K, available on White Slub and Rosette

MiniBoxy with Collar,
available in Black & White

What do I love most?
i'm not into shirts - even since I was in kindergarten!
But the oversized shirt with collar is really too hard too resist!

but 1 item that surely will own 1 place in my wardrobe : 
i don't care about the colour, as long as it's not Jade, because I've already got 1 Boxy in Jade :D
of course, the berry colour is so yummy!
but Atlantic Blue or Dark Navy are very tempting!

and don't worry about the price!
Its really worth the price, especially because you could worn this dress in more than 1 way!
so does the Kimono!

so what are you waiting for?
just visit Plaza Indonesia Extension from 8th - 11th July and visit CottonInk's booth!
*note :
BrightSpot Market will be opened for public at 9th - 11th July
you should own an invitation if you wanna visit them at 8th July!

don't forget to bring a lot of money!
Trust me, you will need alotof it!
visit :


A N A S T A S Y A said...

agreeeedd!! the berry color on neptune maxi is freakin pretty!!

yokekomik said...

Myr... yg kimono ada brp warna ya? trus yg oversized shirt with collar brp duit? :)

Myria Rafiz said...

@ tasya : SETUJUUU BANGET! eventough my mom said that me and red are not a good combination, but she said YES for the berry! YAY!
@ yokekomik : hehehe haluuu mbaaaa ktmu deh disini! kimono kayanya 2 wrn ya mbaa, sm pale brown kalo ga salah, cm mirip sm putih sih warnanya :D kalo shirt with collar aku lupaa,kayanya masih dibawah 200K deh mbaaa :D cb cek lookbook di web nya aja mbaaa..

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