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Friday, July 30, 2010

A Bowl Of Love!

For you who didn't know what does my blog title means,
It's my first novel's title!
I actually published my first novel at April 2008, I forgot the exact date! :(

I wanna share you a very short and small story behind the book!
 Actually I wrote most of the novel in a communicator cellphone ( I remember the type! It's Nokia 9300i!!!), during my insomnia! I often went to sleep late those night, and sometimes the idea about the novel just came out exactly when I was watching movies or even FTV in SCTV! 

It also the first time I could finish what I have wrote. Actually, I do love writing so much, but I don't know why I rarely finished every writing I've made. That's why when I finally finished the novel, I was so happy but I didn't tell anybody, but my closest friends, named Lia! At that time, I actually printed my novel with my home-printer, and made it looked like a real book by binding in a copier near my house. 

The first and the only home-made-binding-novel were read by her! After that, I told my family about the novel, and my dad asked me to gave the copy to one of the book publisher in my city named Galang Press. It took 1 year until the book finally published! During that time, I have to edit the novel and revised some of the stories there, I even have to change the name of my primary figure, because of the bias that could created when I used that old name. 

And yesterday I received an email from Sales Division of Pustaka Anggrek (my publishers, sub-company of Galang Press Media). In that email, its clearly written that my novel so far has been sold for about 1,041 copies! Even though I know that the number is might be too little for you, but I were so grateful about this! I can't imagine that there are many of them who bought my book! Hahahaha!

Well, for you who wanna know about this book, please contact me!
It costs about IDR 25,000, excluded the shipping cost to your home area. 
or please buy them online in :

Well it's already 3am right now!
Goodnight and have a nice weekend for you all!

Crossing Finger!

*Crossing Finger, I hope I could win even just one of them!*
I love giveaway! Well, who doesn't?
There are some giveaways held by many bloggers out there, some of them are from Indonesia!
Please take a look, because maybe you will get the prize!

1. The Teen Vogue Handbook
held by famous fashionblogger from Indonesia, named Evita Nuh!
Well, if you doesn't know who she is, then you definitely should read her blog!

this giveaways held by Bethanny, one of the fashionblogger from Indonesia, which also the designer of de.cada.dia, one of the local fashion brand!
and yes, this giveaways open internationally! 
Click Here if you wanna join the giveaway! Don't worry, this giveaway will be closed by August, 15th 2010!

3. The Sartorialist Book!
this giveaway held by a fashion blogger from India!
this is one of the famous fashion book in the w (WHO DOESN'T?) and thanks God, this giveaway also open internationally! 
don't worry, this giveaways valid until August 8th, 2010!
Please visit her blog to join the give away by clicking this link!

I really hope I could win, at least one of them!
goodluck for you too!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

When Plain Clothes are not a Crime!

Well, for you who loves reading my blog, you must be very familiar with those blog title I made. 2 words. 

Plain and Clothes

You have no idea how I love plain clothes. Well, I have to admit that I am easily attracted with those plain things, when it comes to clothes. For example, no matter how much I've already bought black dresses or tops, I keep thinking that I really have to buy more black stuff, because I don't have that much. 

And that was usually happened when I walked into a store, and I saw those gorgeous clothes in plain color, not only in bold color but also in monotone color, such as grey, black or even white.of course, I love bold color, especially Red and Purple and also PINK! But still, it didn't stop me buying those great items in monotone color. 


Well, If you are keen to those plain stuff, especially for monotone and basic clothes just like I do, maybe you should read this post. It could be a crime, but of course It could be a wonderful outfit, if you match it well! So, when you wanna do basic, Let me give you some tips to cheer it up!

1. Unique Cutting
When you wanna buy basic stuff, sometimes you have to choose some clothes with unique-cutting-line, for example :
- Asymmetrical Stuff
buy a plain white asymmetrical dress to give you the best look
- Oversize Clothes
if you love wearing a shirt, you could buy yourself some oversize shirt rather than a classic one. of course, you surely will need some basic and classic shirt in your wardrobe, but you don't need another one! Choose oversize one to give you stylish and chic look!
- Layering!
layer is always in! many brands offering some great layer-stuff right now, not only in dress or tops, but also in Cardigan! Add some layering-cardigan to your wardrobe, and trust me, it won't look basic at all, even in white color!

don't worry! If you have to wear those classic stuff, you surely still be able to look fabulous. All you have to do is just pick the right bag for you to be worn, and VOILA! You ready to rock the world, immediately! Of course, you should pick the colorful one to bright-up your outfit. But hey, you could also mix the outfit with those bold-color-bag or with those patterned bag! 

- Jewelery
Yes! Yes, and Yes!
There are many accessories that could be worn with those monotone outfit, or with those plain-stuff-from-head-to-toe outfit. You could wear your gold-chain-layering-necklace, your  statement-ring or your ethnic-bangles! And don't forget those gorgeous earrings in various shape and material that could stand-out your outfit!
- Shawls 
And, yes, wear your favorite shawl for this fall, because, have you heard that shawl is the new necklace? Classic shawl is always great for casual occasion, but there are many design of shawls right now, from fringe shawls until crochet-shawls! But hey, shawl is not only could accompany you at the rainy days, but also in spring or even summer! Many shawls are made by chiffon materials, they are so light and comfy, even in summer days!
- Stocking
  You are also allowed to wear some solid or even patterned stocking with your lovely classic dress. Put on some classic color such as black, brown or even grey to gave some classically stylish look or some shocking color such as pink, white or even electric blue to give some eclectic touch! 
- Headpiece
Wear some extraordinary headpiece for your lovely formal occasion or party with your Little-Black-Dress, and trust me, no one could turn their eyes from you! Put on a simple bow-headband or a lovely crochet beret for your everyday-use, and you will look no basic at all!

* Credited to Asos.com

What do I have to say?
Well, every women deserve a great and gorgeous shoes, no matter what their outfit are. Of course, you will need some extra-beautiful shoes to add a little touch in your basic outfit. Cut-out wedges is always a best choice, but you could also wear your lovely stiletto to give super-touch to your outfit! The higher, the better, DEFINITELY! But we don't want those beautiful shoes hurt you like hell, even-though many people say that beauty is pain!

*credited to WhoWhatWear.com
Chloe Cork Wedge Sandal, 
credited to Net-A-Porter.com
Tabitha Simmons,
*credited to Net-A-Porter.com

last but not least,
sometimes being classically casual is often categorized as stylish and chic, so put on your best clothes, no matter how plain it is, wear enough make-up and pick your most comfy shoes! VOILA, you ready to rock the world!

Share those Happiness Around Us!


Well, I have to admit that I have been a very bad blogger these weeks. I am too busy with those graduation things, from paying graduation fee to the bank until collecting all those supporting documents to the academic (believe me, those documents are too complicated to be collected, especially because of those birocracy things!)

WELL, enough about those things.
Let me tell you about my new title :

Myria Rafiz, SE

Alhamdulillah, by a months ago, I have completed my bachelor degree in Economics! After a month struggling with those accounting theory, auditing and management control systems things, I finally could deal with all those related to final thesis things, and walked on the hearing exam successfully. I can't stop being grateful to Allah SWT for all this happiness!

Let's share all those happiness to everyone around us, and let them spread it all through the world.
Of course sometimes you will face some situation which could hurt you so bad until you think that your next month will be ruined by those things. But hey, shit happens anytime! Don't let anyone make you feel down!

One of my friend told me one thing, "Senyum dulu dong,ah!"
For you who doesn't know what does it mean, it's mean "Let's Smile!"
One simple word, but it truly made your day!

and start your new day with a great one!


Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Mate!

Is that OK if I wanna share something here? *which no related with fashion at all!

I've got a very dear friend named Lia, I usually called him Grundy, because of her hair (hahaha!). Lets called her G, in this sharing post!

I knew her since 7 years ago, when we were in the same high school! We actually in the same class too, and yes, she is my best mate! I sat with her all the time, even though sometimes we sat with another friend. She was a saint, I mean she is the most kind and loveable person that I 've ever met in this whole world! She can;t just say NO! She can't refuse anything, which means she always said YES for everything that been asked by anyone! 

She always help me, for everything! From studying until my love-stories-stuff. It seems like she know everything about me, hahahaha! She even helped me when I was still being recovered from my teeth-operation, and I have those deadline which made me to collect all of my thesis stuff. She, after finishing her job-interview, went to campus to gave all those stuff to the academic! CAN'T YOU IMAGINE? 

she is my lucky charm! when she helped me with any stuff, trust me, it would be easier! Even Birocracy looks fun, when I'm doing it with her! And that's been proven when I went to the campus few days ago to manage all stuff needed to my graduation stuff. Grrr!

Tomorrow morning, she will leave Jogja and go to Cilegon, as a newest worker of a great company there. Yes, I was shocked and sad. Because I was left by my lucky charm, my dear and loveable bestfriend, and my truly mate! But at the same time, I was very happy! Because she was accepted in one of the great company in Indonesia. I was even flattered about her! 

Well, congratulation my dear friend! my dear G! my dear lucky charm!
and please - don't feel bored when I text you about my life and love-life stuff, only for asking you some advice or even just for sharing! Don't be too afraid, I always know that you are this good, even better sayaang!

See you in 1 month!



1. Ciciero Jones Bag
eventough I had only 1 Travelling Bag bought from Centro few months ago, I've had what they called 'love at the first sight' when I saw this bag, months ago. I thought that it will helps me alot when I do some travelling stuff during my future-life, as whatever-I-would-be. It cost IDR 320,000, and I am right now too broke to buy them, especially because I would have a great trip by the next week, and buying this stuff would only make me really really, I mean really, out of money.
*credited to :

2. NN:02 CottonDress with Back Detail and Sash
it's Nikicio's newest collection, from Rideaux Mous. And look at those colour : It's really similar to Dusk colour from Supre! Too Bad those Dusk dress in Supre already sold out, and when I found this dress, all I could ask to my self is just : I have to buy this dress!
Its cost is about IDR 188,000, and I think I would buy this dress by the next month!
*credited to :

actually I in love with many-many items in NN:02 Rideaux Mous! but what can I say?
I have to limit my self from shopping!
It's too dangerous for our wallet, don't you agree?

by the way, I am too excited because all CottonInk's products that I want are already bought by my dearest friend in FD! LOVE YOUU MBAAA!!! :D

Monday, July 5, 2010

Shades of Pink (and Red)

I love wearing oversized items! from Tee till Shirt, till Cardigan! 
even Oversized Bag, but truly not oversized shoes LOL!
and those Oversized Boxy Tee from CottonInk really got my heart!

Hairband : Forever21 // Tussy Pink Bag : Ciciero // Jegging : Lapak @ KailieShoppe // Berry Krey Shawl : CottonInk // OversizedBoxy Tee Rosette - CottonInk // Shoes : Unbranded, Red Flat Shoes



how are you?
what a busy happy day!

I've done too much things today!
From going to the bank for closing my old account and transfered the amount to the new one, until queuing in Indosat to alter my mom's old sim card, because somehow it's rejected by the phone. I went to campus at 11am, and arrived home at 4pm! I haven't ate anything or even drink some mineral waters! 

But during that busy time, a miracle happened!
I received an email from one of my favorite local brand named Nikicio, that they are already holding a sale until 70% OFF for NN:02 Line! WHAT A MIRACLE!

for you who already followed my twitter, you must knew that I am not be able to join Brighspot Market by the next 3-days! I have to deal with my graduation things, and I don't think I can finish all those stuff by the next two-days! So yes, I decided to not to go to Jakarta this week. 
I am not worried about missing CottonInk's newest collection, because my lovely friend from FashioneseDaily's Forum (called FemaleDaily) would like to buy me my CottonInk's shopping-list! I already asked them, actually, and they say YES, THEY WOULD LOVE TO! SUPER-HAPPY!

by the way, this is my recent-shopping-list for CottonInk :
Neptune Maxi Dress, in Dark Navy or Berry
Houndstooth Shawl

actually I am also really love the Crop Cardigan, but I don't really love the colour (They come in Fire and Berry), so I decided to wait for FDers' review and buy them online!
back to the topic about NN:02, I decided to directly open Nikicio's Webstore from my lovely handphone at that time! Well, I had been really want those items so bad, but I don't have any money to be spent! And when I knew that those items that I really want are on sale for about 30% off, I can't wait any longer! YAY!

here it is, my shopping cart from NN:02 by Nikicio

1. Long Sleeve Tee Light Grey

and the most exciting part is..
my sists wanna bought me the Muscle Tank, and my boyfie would love to buy me those longer back tee in white!

eventough I have to queue for my mom's thing by myself, I also got a happy thing today!
First, I've bought sale items from Nikicio!
Second, My sists and My boyfie bought me two of them!

DO VISIT NIKICIO for joining their sale!

by the way, today I also got my first facial-treatment!
I went to Larissa with my bestfriend named Lia! grrr love her too much! she already got a job and she would leave Jogja, and I can't imagine how my life would be without her :(

back to topic, I took Blueberry Treatment, and it cost me about IDR 85,000 (US $ 8.5). But I have to agree that it really worthed the price! Of course, it really hurts! My face were went red, especially in the nose and cheek area! But overall, I love doing facial! :D

THANKS GOD for today!!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Be Prepared : CottonInk PreFall 2010 Collection!

Another favourite brand of mine :D
They are now preparing for their newest collection for this July!
Its called : 
Pre-Fall 2010!

worn with Basic Tank in White Slub, and Black Drawstring Shorts!

they dominated their newest collection with Black & White!
from Basic Tank 'till Kimono that can be worn in 4Ways!
price range?
Don't worry! They're cost not more than IDR 250K!

April Top!
Available on White and Dark Grey

Kimono 4Ways-Wear, worn with Burgundy 4Ls

Laurie Tee - Barely Blush Oversized Shirt, worn with Drawstring Shorts - April Top, worn with Mid-Blue 4Ls
*Drawstring Shorts 165K
Available on Chocolate, Black, Dark Navt, Sky Blue

Clarissa Shirt, White&Black // Oversized Shirt in White

Berry Neptune Maxi & Crop-Cardi Fire
Neptune : 
Maxi - 250K, Knee-Length 215K
Available on Berry, Atlantic Blue, Dark Navy, Jade Green
Crop Cardi 165K
Available on Bery and Fire

Kimono 4-Ways Wear, worn with Basic Tank Rosette
*Kimono : 185K
*Basic Tank : 99K, available on White Slub and Rosette

MiniBoxy with Collar,
available in Black & White

What do I love most?
i'm not into shirts - even since I was in kindergarten!
But the oversized shirt with collar is really too hard too resist!

but 1 item that surely will own 1 place in my wardrobe : 
i don't care about the colour, as long as it's not Jade, because I've already got 1 Boxy in Jade :D
of course, the berry colour is so yummy!
but Atlantic Blue or Dark Navy are very tempting!

and don't worry about the price!
Its really worth the price, especially because you could worn this dress in more than 1 way!
so does the Kimono!

so what are you waiting for?
just visit Plaza Indonesia Extension from 8th - 11th July and visit CottonInk's booth!
*note :
BrightSpot Market will be opened for public at 9th - 11th July
you should own an invitation if you wanna visit them at 8th July!

don't forget to bring a lot of money!
Trust me, you will need alotof it!
visit :
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