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Thursday, June 3, 2010



*credited to here

I Love this serial too much!

I was already courious about this serial since many years ago, when Trans TV played this serial every Wednesday (If I'm not mistaken), at midnight! I have to wait till my dad went to bed, and if i were lucky, then I could watch it. 

and thanks to my parents, they subscribed to Cable TV few years ago, and it made me able to saw this serial again! and then I decided to bought the DVDs, from Season 1 until Season 6! hahahaha 

it took few weeks to finish the serial, and I only watched it in my laptop, in the dark because my mom would get angry if she find out that I weren't go to bed until midnight, even until 3-4am! 

but after i finished the serial, I knew that I love shoes more than clothes. Shoes is the key for everything, and I started dreaming about those gorgeous closet with a lot of shoes! Hahahaha

and when I heard that SATC would be created in a movie, I was too excited but unfortunately I couldn't watch it in theater, only because they didn't show SATC in Yogyakarta. I watch in DVD, again :( and I cried! I mad about Big, about changing his mind when Carrie was ready to speak her vow :(

and today, I was able to watch this movie!!!
SUPER-EXCITED! eventough my boyfie didn't like this movie hehehehe but thanks to him, he still want to accompany me watching that movie!

What I think about the movie :
- Carrie is getting older and more mature. 
The movie is no longer about single women, but its more about marriage, and how a mature woman could struggle in her age and keep her fabulousity life! 

The movie is about how women should be strong and should speak her voice about anything! Thanks to Samantha and Miranda, they are really a STRONG WOMEN!

- Marriage is complicated. 

- I love children. but Charlotte opened my mind that being a great mother is not easy. You have to maintain your life to keep your happiness, but sometimes it would create a complication when it comes to your children. That's how I realized about Baby-Blues Syndrome :D :D

- Being old.
It doesn't mean that your life is over. Your life even just started! Look at Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. If they could survive in their age, so do us! 

and I would be 22 in days. 
Am I ready to get older and facing the reality?
If Carrie is ready facing her new reality as a wife, so do I! I am ready to start a new life as a mature-woman-wannabe!
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