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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hi There!!!

miss blogging so much!
i haven't got so much time to post anything, since i am now preparing for my final test this month :)

well, i bought some early birthday present for me this June. That is a gorgeous wedges made by my lovely sister, named Bulan!
she owned a shoe brand named MoonAddict! and this is what I've got from her!

- rawr wedges! love it so much! -

i used the wedges few days ago! and my boyfie said that people starred at me all the time.
hahahaha i wore a very casual outfit, so maybe this great wedges really got their attention!

you can bought this gorgeous wedges at MoonAddict!
or simply type this on your browser :

by the way, this is what I wore few days ago!
Rosette Oboxy and Krey Tie Dye Shawl - both from CottonInk // ripped jeans - unbranded // TBar Grey Stud Shoes - DIY, the shoes are bought from Dolly Schuch // Tussy in Pink - Ciciero

Purple Tier Dress - Lapak FD // Stud Denim Jeans - Unbranded // Black Tregging - Vintage // Purple Chain Bag - The Sak // Bata Jelly Shoes

I really love the bag!
it was my mom's, but she haven't use it for a long time so I decided to own that bag hihihihi
and i just realized that I haven't got any purple flats or shoes!
and I used an uncommon make-up at that day!
I wore my new Maybelline Mineral Powder foundation, but unfortunately the shade isn't fitted in my face well :(
it made me looks too white :(

don't you agree? hehehe

by the way, my other blogger fellow named Fika are having a blog anniversary this month, so she decided to created a blog-giveaway!

she gave those gorgeous items for free! you guys only have to give her some pre-wedding idea!
yes, don't you agree, it's just too easy cheesy right?
*picture are credited to here

so please do join the giveaway HERE!

catch yaa later!!!


sartob, si tobing, tobbily said...

wow cool wedges!

A N A S T A S Y A said...

yay to those wedges!

Myria Rafiz said...

@ sartob : tenkyuuuu!this is my favourite shoes for now!hehehehehe :D :D
@ tasyaa : TENKYU tasyaaaaa!!!me likey this wedges so much!!!! :D :D

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