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Saturday, May 8, 2010


how i miss blogging so much!
i've been so busy with those college thesis for the last 4-months, and i know its not fair to blame those thing. but that is true! i haven't got any mood to write anything here, especially because i have written too many words on my thesis hahahaha

thanks to God, now my thesis is done. i am now preparing for the final test for my thesis and comphrehensive exam, which gonna be held on June. and hey, i will have some teeth operation by monday! it's quite complicated to explain what happen to my teeth. the last thing i know, that i usually get bleeding when i brush it, and the dentist told me about a baby teeth which still stay in my mouth hahahaha (kind of weird thing)

well, i will share some stories about me and my boyfie's last trip to Solo. 
we went there by train named Prameks (Prambanan Ekspres) for Rp 9,000.- (around $1). It took about 1 hour to arrive at Solo. we went to many many places there, but in very short time.

1. Solo Grand Mall
i love those pictures! taken by my boyfie :D
we've been there for only 1 hour. we bought some BreadTalk breads and an ice tea, and just sitting at the foodcourt while we were eating and talking each other.
too exhausted! we've walked from the station hahahaha

2. PGS - Pasar Grosir Solo
i didn't take any picture there. it's quite boring there, i don't know maybe because it looks like Pasar Beringharjo in Yogyakarta hahahaha i only visited 1st Floor, which was covered by Batik Seller everywehere. if you wanna find some batik stuff in cheap price, you should go to this place!

3. Pasar Klewer
maybe because i didn't have any intention about looking for some batik materials or batik clothing, so i felt bored too here. Actually, this place is great and they are selling many good and even great batik materials there, whatever you wanna buy, you name it, it must be available in this place (Batik Stuff, of course!). from the cheaper with the lowest quality to the most expensive one, with the best quality :D

4. Singosaren Mall
we've been too exhausted there because we've been walked for, i don't know maybe 5km. 
when we got here, the first place we visited was KFC hahahahaha
yes, we've been to far from Yogyakarta but the first thing we ate was KFC.
but hey, they offer great meal in cheap price hahahaha 

5. Purwosari Station
.. back to Jogja!
we used a bus to go to the station. we asked everyone we met about the bus, hahahaha
from the Parking Man to a woman who were sitting in the sidewalk hahahaha *random

- lempuyangan station -

my boyfie asked me to buy some chicken satay in the station. yes, we've been so hungry and extremely tired because we've spent the last 1-hour by standing in the train. OH YES! we didn't get any seat hahahaha

- enjoying the meal, dear? -
while i was waiting for the satay, the seller told me about how crowded that day. 
she said it was quite weird, because it was a monday! and the day before, which was SUNDAY, the station was less crowded than that day hahahaha

by the way, i took some pictures of him at that time.

and this was what i wore at that time :
unbranded tee-dress in black // unbranded belt // Phenomenon Legging in Light Brown // 
Longchamp LH Le Pliage in Noir // Bata Flat Shoes // CottonInk Oversized Boxy Cardigan

catch ya later on another holiday short-trip yaa!

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